Drama adaptation of Qin’s Moon rounds cast with fresh faces

The following description reads like a yearbook, because there are many (cute) babies! young’uns in the cast. Row 1: Gina Chen, Gao Shengwu, Cheng haofeng. Row 2: Sun Yizhou, Jiang Jinfu, Lu Yi. Row 3: Qin Junjie, Hu Bingqing, Michelle Chen.

Tangren’s upcoming drama adaptation of Qin’s Moon begins filming in Hengdian on August 15th, and has officially released news of its cast. Lu Yi will be playing the “sword saint” Ge Nie, love interest of the “divine doctor” played by Michelle Chen. Jiang Jinfu will play Jing Tianming, the glib but goodhearted protagonist, with Sun Yizhou (of Bu Bu Jing Qing) playing Lu Yi’s ambitious rival, Wei Zhuang. Jiang Jinfu’s love interest, once the Princess of Yan, is Hu Bingqing. His best friend, the future King of Chu Xiang Yu, will be Qin Junjie, a sort-of-promotion from his previous roles as Prince Changqing from Ancient Sword and the Prince of Tennis. Gao Shengwu takes on the role of “White Phoenix,” while Gina Jin Chen will be the former princess of Han. A cosplayer(?!), Xiaoxiao Bai, scored a role as one of Wei Zhuang’s subordinates.

Of these, Hu Bingqing and Gao Shengwu have had little experience in “published” works (neither have a weibo, and Gao Shengwu, when casting was announced, didn’t have a Baidu page). They’re also very young – at the moment, Hu Bingqing (’92), Gao Shengwu, and Qin Junjie (’91) are all twenty-two; Gina Jin Chen is 23 (’90). (Jiang Jinfu (’91) is 23, but is more well-known, thanks to Xuanyuan Sword). How young they were/how old I am hit me when I realized that I calculated their ages relative to my own, instead of subtracting their birth year from 2014.   Instead of opting for more well known stars with bigger fees, Tangren has selected less well-known artists – hopefully giving them a chance to shine (think Hu Ge, of Chinese Paladin) while saving money for better costumes and etc.

To the disappointment of many fans, Geng Le, and not Hu Ge, will be Jing Ke. Meanwhile, Cheng Haofeng comes in as Gao Jianli, with Gulinazha rumored to be his love interest, the elegant dancer Snowlady.

P.S. No surprise if Hu Bingqing is/becomes one of Tangren’s new artists. She gives off such a Shishi vibe here.

20 thoughts on “Drama adaptation of Qin’s Moon rounds cast with fresh faces

  1. Qin Junjie!!! Did he finally graduate? it’s been more than four years. I am so excited about his career. The best part of Chinese Prince of Tennis besides Kimi Qiao Renliang looking amazing was this guy. Does this mean more series with him? I am so glad he’s getting work. I thought after he entered Central Academy that it would be it, I’d not see him again.

  2. Michelle Chen again. Tangren must really like her. She is very blessed to have met Tangren after being in this industry for so long. I hope her acting skills have improved otherwise it will be disappointing.
    Lu Yi is coming popular again after Dad Where are we going. He was lying low for a number of years.

  3. Just so weird now Tangren is now going after artists that YZ used! Lu Yi and Michelle Chen???? A little desperate if you ask me.

    By the way, what happen to Ling’er? She joined Tangren, didn’t do much and just left? What’s the scoop?

  4. Speaking of young’uns. In today’s episode of GJQT, the good-looking werewolf with a happily-ever-after ending was born in ’96. … He’s a current student at Central Drama. I feel so old.

    • Uh…right now she’s might be Gina Jin Chen…they say that Chilian and Shilan’s characters were melded together. Not /officially/ confirmed, but she’s definitely more Qin Junjie’s age than Sun Yizhou’s…

  5. I hope Gulinazha has picked up some acting chops, I kind of liked her in XYS, well she’s pretty *shrugs*. I’ve never heard of Hu Qing Bing, but the comparison to LSS has peaked my interest.

    • I think Hu Bingqing’s only been in one thing? And it’s an internet miniseries, so not many people’s seen it. I don’t think she’s like Liu Shishi at all. She gives off the more hyper tomboy -vibe versus Liu Shishi’s tranquility.

  6. Hu Bingqing was pretty decent in the minidrama with Li Jiahang. I think her acting is more natural than LSS for at least that type of role. Jin Chen couldn’t act the last time I saw her, but then, neither could Gulinazha. I like Qin Junjie (Central Drama ftw!).

    Geng Le! I bet he came as an added bonus with Lu Yi.

    I’m still hoping Sun Yizhou is like Ying’er and will leave Tang’ren soon… my general impression of the iPartment crowd is that none of them are good-looking, and only a few can act.

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