Ni Ni and Angelababy are best friends for a Chinese remake of Bride Wars

Forget about the fiancés (Ni Ni and Angelababy promoting for Bride Wars) 

Who would you stare at in a movie that stars Ni Ni and Chen Xiao? This is the dilemma that you may face, should you choose to watch a Chinese remake of Anne Hathaway’s Bride Wars next year. Starring Ni Ni and Angelababy as a pair of of childhood best friends, the film (which began shooting in June) also brings in Chen Xiao and Zhu Yawen as their fiancés. In an interview, Angelababy and Ni Ni said that they were also very good friends in real life.

The basic premise of this romcom features a pair of childhood best friends who end up falling apart when their weddings are set on the same day, and neither is willing to compromise. Look for some stills of photogenic people for SINA Fashion below, plus a few joke pictures that the four leads took to celebrate completion of filming. 

Chen Xiao seems a little bored. Gorgeous as Ni Ni and Angelababy are…maybe they’re just not his type.


10 thoughts on “Ni Ni and Angelababy are best friends for a Chinese remake of Bride Wars

    • Omg, I had the same thought…I didn’t realize how alike they were until I saw them together like that.

        • I don’t see any facial resemblance whatsoever. And why can’t they strive for originality instead of remaking a Hollywood B movie?

          • For me, I saw a sharp chin, thin nose, really prominent cheekbones (?) when they smiled. It’s also partly because they’re both so skinny…I wouldn’t confuse one for the other, because their faces are distinctive enough, but they still look strangely alike~

            I’ve never watched the original, but judging from the reactions here, it seems it was quite bad…xD

  1. I wonder which characters they’re playing. I can see Angelababy as Anne Hathaway’s character. And why remake Bride Wars? This movie wasn’t even that good…

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