The Four 3 releases trailer

LIu Yifei’s character is called Heartless, by the way. You can add this image to your collection of ironic pictures.

The Four 3, the final installment to the film series, has released a trailer as well as announced its release date on August 22.  Starring Deng Chao (Cold Blooded), Liu Yifei Heartless), Collin Chou (the hot-blooded “Iron Hand”), Ronald Cheng (whose role Life Snatcher was previously held by “hotties” like Wallace Chung and Peter Ho), Anthony Wong, Jiang Yiyan, Alec Su, Wu Yingjie and Bao Bei’er, this film picks up from the abrupt and tragic end of the previous.  Presumably, it will bring to a close all the untied ends from the last two films with flurry of CGI.

More stills below the cut and trailer here.

…whoever designed this masterpiece of a costume… I will find you… >:(

What exactly do you plan on blocking wearing armor with a gaping hole in the upper chest?

Look! I’m still here!! With my crazy hair (remember this is by Chinese period standards)!!

I’ve always wondered how leprechauns can clap their feet twice in mid-air.

Beard-braid… fashionable since never…

Remind me why we are still watching this…

You don’t want to know why there’s a stain under that sword…

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