Li Yuchun for L’Officiel

Singer Li Yuchun is as eye-catching as ever in her new photo shoot for L’Officiel (but I really don’t know where all the breezy blue-sky/ flowery summer photoshoots are this year…! Not that I mind the way these look). She probably has more photoshoots than any other musician I know of…

Also, she recently released a new album, “1987, I Didn’t Know I Would Meet You.” idarklight considers it one of the best pop albums of the year. You can find a collection of songs from that album on Youtube here

1 thought on “Li Yuchun for L’Officiel

  1. I feel like L’Officiel usually has more natural PS than this… but I just listened to Li Yuchun’s album during my break earlier this week, and it’s amazing! The arrangement is so much better than that of most Chinese albums out there. I feel like Li Yuchun surprises me with every album with the quality of her music.

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