Zhao Wei is a “Tiger Mom” for her new drama with Tong Dawei

“We must fight for the sake of our daughter!””Who said it’s enough to be happy?”

I’m really hoping that Zhao Wei’s upcoming drama Tiger Mother and Kitten Father won’t take a candy-flavored “Tiger Mothers are foolish and wrong!” stance at the end, and that the plotline will be a little more (realistically) complex than a generic rom-com.
“Tiger Mother” Zhao Wei and “Kitten Father” Tong Dawei have always felt that they were very fortunate, having managed to moved to Beijing after their studies, having bought their houses before prices ballooned, having bought their car before license plates were restricted…the couple’s business seems to be doing well, and their precious daughter is adorable and clever. Everything is perfect, until their 00s generation daughter goes to elementary school…
They, who had attended and admired their daughter’s preschool performance not long before, are suddenly shocked to find how behind their daughter is. The Tiger Mother frantically looks for connections (“guan xi”), scrambling for insider information, a house inside a school district (in China, only some houses are guaranteed a spot in a school). The Kitten Father does his best to support his wife’s wishes.
As the Kitten Father feels he understands his wife less and less, the Tiger Mother feels increasingly that her husband is being irresponsible. At this time, the Kitten Tiger’s first love, an educational expert, returns to China (Dong Jie). Her beliefs are in contrast to the “fight hard” attitude that the Kitten Father is currently living by.

It’s a clan of animals: the stick-carrying, education-focused “lion” of a (maternal) grandfather, an aristocratic fox of a (paternal) grandmother, a fiercely protective (to the point of being “bull like”) sparrow of a (maternal) grandmother, a pig of a Sinology professor for a (paternal) grandfather…the list goes on. What type of upbringing would be best for the beloved granddaughter?

Stills of Zhao Wei below the cut.

5 thoughts on “Zhao Wei is a “Tiger Mom” for her new drama with Tong Dawei

  1. This looks like it will be a fun drama! The tough mom-obliging dad set up reminds me of Yuan Li and Huang Lei’s roles in 婚姻保卫战 but that show didn’t place that much emphasis on the kids/extended family. Looking forward to this drama!

  2. I also hope it won’t have that message. Hopefully it will show the motivations behind the parenting & both the good/bad effects.

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