Photoshoot Friday: August 8, 2014

Yao Chen’s shoot for this week’s round up is in drastic contrast to the cheery pink of her last one; this time, she’s got a black dress that looks like it came from the Hunger Games. Qin Lan wears red and white summer dresses with silver earrings, while Li Yixuan goes for a colder white feather look. It’s probably summer in Arendelle; Yao Beina‘s (she sang Let it Go for the Chinese movie version of Frozen) cover for Marie Claire certainly agrees. Qi Wei pulls off high collars in what I hope wasn’t boiling hot weather, and Amber Kuo rounds off the photoshoot with a breezy looking skirt. Look below the cut for more stills. 

01. Qin Lan

02. Li Yixuan

03. Yao Beina

04. Qi Wei

05. Amber Kuo

06. Yao Chen

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