Princess Jieyou joins slew of Han dynasty dramas, releases trailer

Zhang Xinyi, to give us an idea of what court infighting looks like in the Han dynasty outside of the Weiyang palace. And other non-Han Han dynasty customs, of course.

Upcoming drama Princess Jieyou, starring Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Yuan Wenkang, and Liu Guanxiang, has released a trailer.  The story takes place during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han, husband of Empress Wei Zifu, and follows Princess Jieyou as she is sent to the West to the Kingdom of Wusun for the purpose of a diplomatic marriage.  There, she encounters many struggles in her new home, not the least of which are the ones she faces as part of her husband’s harem.

Eventually, she prevails and succeeds in reducing Xiongnu influence over this strategically important area, thus aiding the triumph of the Han dynasty over the Xiongnu. Her efforts also contribute to the propagation of Han culture and ideas throughout the Western region. She’s joined by Feng Liao (played by Ye Qing), another Han woman who’s sent along with the princess and also ends up wedding one of the men there. Look below the cut for more stills!

Ye Qing looks just like Gong Li in this picture…

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    • Well… for one… you have to make it marketable and appeal to everybody… Also, who is to say that kissing never took place? People have been kissing throughout history. A more historically knowledgeable person may note that it probably wouldn’t have taken place as much and in public due to what we know about the standards of the time but we also have to remember that societal norms also change with time and this IS taking place in Xiyu with a group of people who we are still trying to learn about through archaeology so their culture and societal norms may be different…

  1. Love all 3 of the leading men in here–Yuan Hong, Yuan Wenkang, and Liu Guanxiang (his Li Ling was always my favourite character from Da Han Tian Zi)–but they all look so different! Yuan Hong is the most recognizable one actually…the other 2, I couldn’t even tell it was them. T_T Zhang Xinyi looks different too, but I’ve never seen her dressed up in ancient costume so that’s probably why…

  2. Yuan Hong looking so much like his Yelu Xie character is bringing out the major fangirl in me. *squeal*

    Will watch because YUAN HONG!!! <3

  3. Yuan Hong has been extremely busy filming a lot of dramas. He is a good actor and very versatile. In the coming months, we will be seeing him on telly a lot.

  4. Hopefully they release stills later showing more of the costumes like they did with Princess of Lanling… I’m happy about the trailer but the stills so far are kinda disappointing for me… or maybe I’ve just been spoiled by all the other production companies… :)

  5. I’ve always really loved her name (“to ease worries/solve worries.”)
    Her husband looks strangely like Yuan Hong in the trailer…and I thought one of the women was Zhang Meng. But I’m looking forward to this one~

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