Showtime for Jiang Xin and co in Hua Qian’gu

Probably one of my favorite stills from this series so far.

Zhao Liying‘s titular character from Flowers of Bones/ Hua Qiangu isn’t the only female in the series…(although she shape out to be the only one who’s loved so far. An alternate ending to the book even featured her with a harem consisting of all her admirers). A set of stills specially released of Jiang Xin (whose character was once an immortal, but became corrupted after falling in love with Wallace Huo‘s character and turned to the demonic path) is proof of this…although the other female characters have yet to appear in stills that aren’t ignored character posters. There are plenty of guys, though – find them below the cut!

This is a suitable reaction after reading certain scripts.

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