Mini Round-up: Photo shoots from Chen Xiao

If you’re waiting for your new Chen Xiao dramas (even if you count a cameo in Gong III, he hasn’t appeared in a drama for three whole months) you can take a look at his photo shoots for a while. His upcoming projects (broadcast dates unknown) include Love & Life & Lie, Return of the Condor Heroes, and Song in the Clouds.  Filming also begun yesterday for his latest drama Five Rats in Kaifeng 五鼠闹东京, where he and Yan Kuan will be playing one of the first big Chinese bromances – “The Suave Rat” Bai Yutang and the “The Royal Cat” Zhan Zhao.   Zheng Shuang plays the unfortunate female lead Ding Yuehua.

Look for more pictures below the cut.

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3 thoughts on “Mini Round-up: Photo shoots from Chen Xiao

  1. I thought after Lu Zhen Chuan Qi, Yu Zheng wanted pair Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying again?

    Chen Xiao looks so handsome! Although I’m not sure I’m sold on the curly hair…

  2. He looks so good in the modern drama! I still feel like she looks like she should be in middle school, though…

    I wish he were paired with Zheng Shuang instead of Yan Kuan. It would be the perfect comeback to the booming Zhang Han-Zhao Liying ship. Haha.
    Hopefully after this, they’ll work on another drama together as a pair? They would look really good together.

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