Who’s your OTP in Ancient Sword?

Did you know that if you Baidu 古剑奇谭, you find a poll asking whether Qingxue (Yang Mi‘s character) or Shaogong (Qiao Zhenyu’s character) is the true love of Li Yifeng‘s character, Baili Tusu? As I type this, Qingxue is winning, but Shaogong still has over 250k+ votes (which keeps increasing: as of August 2nd, it’s at 340k+). (I haven’t figured out how to vote yet, but if we’re talking about the drama, the bromance between the two guys is more than a match for what’s been shown between Tusu and Qingxue…). idarklight believes the only reason why Dashixiong isn’t in this vote is because he would win by a landslide.

Asides from that, Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭 is still slowly airing on Hunan TV. Who do you ship? Ma Tianyu‘s adorable and mischievous young master with Zheng Shuang‘s fox demon, or Zhang Na‘s frail young lady? William Chan‘s eldest disciple with his sect sister? Qiao Zhenyu‘s physician with his childhood friend Zhang Meng, or his dead lover Gillian Chung?

If you want more cuteness, you can look at the cartoon versions of the characters here

Dashixiong would be fine with anyone! …Just kidding, no incest!

Shaogong is all alone!

20 thoughts on “Who’s your OTP in Ancient Sword?

  1. Uh…I wish they’d either go straight out for a Shaogong x Tusu pairing, or stop injecting so much ship into all the Shaogong and Susu scenes. It’s getting ridiculously romantic, and Yang Mi is just like, “hello? I’m still here!”

    Also, the fake princess arc is becoming really annoying. But I love LIngyue (<3) and Hongyu.

  2. Tusu was really cute in this episode (26). Are Hongyu and the hot drunken swordsman – er, Qianshang – supposed to have a relationship? They seem to be setting up for one…
    Also, stupid Shaogong -____-

    • I think the general trend of the drama is that two people are talking = they look like they’ll be cute together. Maybe because everyone is so good-looking and cute? I half expected a Cunzhang-Xiangling ship before he became Chinese medicine.

  3. I was going to reply da shi xiong x susu….. but the above comment reminded me I also like the phoenix/dragon couple. bg wise, I honestly think qing xue and hei yao is better and of course fang lan sheng and the fox. I dunno something about tusu and qing xue is rubbing me the wrong way…… maybe because I don’t think tusu cares that much for her (though that’s mostly his personality), or the actors don’t have chemistry….. or maybe qing xue is just so typical girl that I can’t root for her cuz I can’t see myself in her……

  4. Despite appearing for about one minute, I think Prince Changqin X Snake/Dragon is now my favorite pairing. It’s a rare double-arrowed relationship, and the way they look at each other is full of so much love. Also I’m a huge sucker for Boya-Ziqi soulmate parallels.

    Lesson of Ancient Sword : look at the hell caused by breaking up true love!

  5. My feelings on feelings in the show:

    Fuqu likes Dashixiong, who only cares about Tusu, who is infatuated with Shaogong, who only cares about the Princess.
    The Princess, Zhang Meng, fake Jinniang, and Qingxue’s brother are all completely heads over heels for Shaogong.
    The dead guy and soon-to-be-dead black cat both like Qingxue, who likes Susu,
    Ershixiong is obsessed with Susu.
    Hongyu ships Dashixiong and Susu.
    Fang Lansheng and Xiangling are both five-year-olds playing House.

    • …This means that the only mutual shipping is Shaogong and the princess…
      and LOL at the House comment.

  6. I consider Qiao Zhenyu the prettiest actors of the entire cast and of his generation, but can’t stand how many scenes they added for Shaogong and the Princess. The added lines of the fake princess and the arranged marriage were probably to give Gillian and Zhang Meng more scenes, but they’re completely unnecessary and made the story way too draggy.

    I think the added Shaogong scenes, while sometimes cute by themselves, distracts a lot from the overall quality of the story. You can tell Yang Mi is trying so hard to make the Qingxue-Susu line work, but a relationship takes two to work. I think a lot of scenes between Shaogong-Susu should’ve been given to Qingxue. Like the farewell scene Phixster talked about. Or how about the scene where Qingxue hurts herself helping him, runs off so he won’t be worried, and then he has a hour-long conversation with Shaogong before even remembering Qingxue. At this point, I almost want Qingxue to end up with Heiyao if it weren’t for the fact that Qingxue likes Susu so much. Also, it doesn’t help that Susu’s love for Shaogong is completely unrequited, and the fact that Shaogong is one of the few complex antagonists who end up being boring.

    FYI. One of the reasons for the added Shaogong scenes is because Jia Nailiang was originally cast for the role, requested the scriptwriter to add a lot of scenes for him until eventually the production team and Jia Nailiang had a fallout and Qiao Zhenyu was brought on to replace him. The added William Chan scenes was because the original actress for Hongyu, recommended by game fans, was terrible, and they had to rewrite a lot of her scenes to William Chan.

    • agree. the Shaogong scenes are becoming super draggy
      the scenes at QingYuTan were so……unnecessary. The leader of QingYuTan was like: gimme the medicine. gimme gimme gimme gimme. and Shaogong was like: no no no no no no never. and that kept going for like an episode. I thought Shaogong was supposed to be super powerful and can probably wipe out QingYuTan in like a second but its not happening and that side story is becoming super boring. So the Shaogong side-story line is honestly the worst OTP line in the show by far.
      Xiangling and Lansheng line is just a regular boy-girl OTP….very typically seen in a lot of dramas, and has average performance story-wise
      The Qingxue and Susu OTP is actually better than all of the OTP so far lol, after the Wolf Demon, I think Susu and Qingxue have (at least) more chemistry than they had before, and i think the improvements story-wise should be accredited more haha

      • As far as I know Tusu and Shaogong are supposed to be the dual heroes of the story, that means Shaogong’s story is not a “side”story, but obviously this storyline has been screwed up.

        • I think by side story, she was probably referring to the added story of the fake princess and the new interactions with QingYuTan? Like Qingxue helping the cat is a side story even though she is the female lead.

  7. I feel more currents between Susu and Shaogong. I ship Dashixiong with myself but if that doesn’t work out, I wish Zhang Meng will end up with him as I don’t care for the sect sister too much.

    Surprisingly, Ma Tianyu’s character annoys me to death and I expected to like him because of the actor. Maybe he’ll become more tolerable in future episodes.

  8. Tusu and Shaogong of course. That scene when Tusu was about to be locked up and Shaogong was giving him a farewell – so much bromance.

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