Brotherhood of Blades releases trailers

Action Film Marketing to Eye-candy Eater Audiences for Dummies

Set to release on August 7th, Brotherhood of Blades by young director Lu Yang stars Chang Chen, Liu Shishi, Nie Yuan, Ye Qing, and Zhu Dan,.  The story takes place during the Ming dynasty and follows the story of three brothers caught in between the Chongzhen Emperor, a plot to assassinate Wei Zhongxian (a notorious eunuch), the Ming dynasty secret police, and political intrigue possibly leading to the fall of the Ming dynasty.

More stills below the cut

Liu Shishi is just glad she isn’t stuck back in time again being romanced by men with questionable hairstyles.

Sigh… I guess Chang Chen is taken… but this arrangement doesn’t seem too bad…

Of course we’re all here to watch the history…

… elaborate fight scenes…

… and brotherhood bromance

… painted on the backdrop of turbulent times.

The beautiful people are a PURELY COINCIDENTAL bonus.

Step out into the rain… slowly…

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  1. The men look so dashing in those Ming costumes!

    Hope the horses are not injured or killed in these Chinese productions.

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