Wei Zifu to show off color-coordinated costumes on August 20th

Loving the way the mint flowers on her hair ornament match her outer garment here.

(The Virtuous Queen of Han) Wei Zifu finally announced a release date for the series on Weibo, promising an online broadcast on August 20th – just in time for jjss08 to creep out and freak out impress her new roommate with her adoration for Liu Bingyi’s grandma!  the gorgeous Wei siblings.

Featuring Wang Luodan, Raymond Lam, Jones Xu Zhengxi, Chen Shali, Liu Yinghong, Shen Miao, Shen Tai, and Zhou Liqi, The Virtuous Queen of Han 大汉贤后卫子夫 is looking promising. You can see that thought was put into the costuming – asides from the fact that the embroidery isn’t just printed on the fabric, all the ornaments are coordinated with the clothing (ie, mint flowers in the first still, emerald with emerald in the second still, the peach petals and light green beads in the still for third still…even the gold-brown stone in the fourth still’s hairpiece matches the sleeve’s border…)

Though this might be more reflective of how much time jjss08 has spent admiring the costumes, than how well hair decorations match the clothing in less eye-candy filled productions. More stills below the cut!


15 thoughts on “Wei Zifu to show off color-coordinated costumes on August 20th

  1. The drama looks so amazing. The budget they spent on producing this drama is immense. There have be a few very good Ancient Chinese drama produced in China. I hope this HK production will be very good too.

    • Apart from costume, this drama is like a badly orchestrated Symphony. Bad conductor, pace is erratic and music is off key. Very disappointing. For those who like this drama, I am sorry if my words are offensive.

  2. YAY!! It’s coming out!! OMG-I’ve-been-going-cold-turkey-on-an-amazing-Chinese-period-drama-for-so-long!!! Now if those OTHER Han dynasty-related dramas would get a release date soon too…

  3. I’m such a procrastinator. I barely ever complete series, now more than ever! This looks so promising though.
    If there’s a high enough degree of historical accuracy I could probably stay at it.

    • Use of Classical Chinese language and story adherence to history (in comparison to OTHER *glare* dramas), I’ll give you but there’s definitely some costume creativity in this one.

      • I don’t know how much adherence it has… everything about the trailer screams TVB, from the costume design to the filming style (unsurprising since the director/producer/scriptwriter are all from TVB). Which is to say, it might not be completely outrageous, but I don’t think they would try that hard at accuracy.

        • This is true. I guess we’ll see. As long as the deviation isn’t too much or too uncalled for, I guess it should be okay…

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