Amber Kuo rocks the lace and tulle for Cosmo Bride

Amber Kuo’s get-up for her recent photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Bride is almost more like that of a black widow than a bride, and her hair is even shorter than we saw in Tiny Times (you don’t see this look on Chinese actresses very often!) – but she pulls it off well. Which of these dresses is your favorite? 

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2 thoughts on “Amber Kuo rocks the lace and tulle for Cosmo Bride

  1. Wow she looks so different with the shorter hairstyle. I think she’s going for the more mature, edgy look with the new hairstyle. It makes her look much older!

  2. she looks like a mermaid bride in the white long one. XD but i like it and i do have to agree she’s rocking the look nicely. i usually don’t think a majority of girls can pull off short hair… but then again that’s me. lol but she does a good job. thanks for sharing!!

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