Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming star in upcoming movie “Women Who Know How to Flirt Have the Best Lives”

Zhou Xun uses Huang Xiaoming to demonstrate why women who know how to sajiao have the best lives.

*Note: 撒娇(sa jiao)  is less like flirtng than acting like a spoiled child…sort of like flirting and whining?
Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming‘s upcoming film, Women Who Flirt Have the Best Lives撒娇女人最好命 recently had its release date set for January 1st. Here, life is compared to coffee, with the ability to “sa jiao” like sugar – life is bitter when there isn’t enough, disgusting when there’s too much. Thus, the premise of the film (and the book that it’s adapted from, 会撒娇的女人最好名** ) is that intelligent and successful women know how to use this strategy. (Readers – do you agree?)
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9 thoughts on “Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming star in upcoming movie “Women Who Know How to Flirt Have the Best Lives”

    • I’m not sure this movie will do that – since the original book was just a “guidebook,” the movie’s plot will probably end up exploring whether or not this is true. It’s true that people who are “sweeter” than others can get along better in life for box sexes, anyhow.

  1. Wow I haven’t been back to this site since forever.

    I adore Zhou Xun (congrats on her wedding!) but HXM not so much. Wish they picked another actor for the lead role. Aside from being eye candy, I don’t really find him charismatic enough to be memorable – a shame that he’s placed next to a tiny powerhouse (ZX!).

    And as to the movie/title of the movie…I find the subject interesting. I don’t think women who flirt more have a better life – I think women who can see the lighter, funner side of things have a better life (but they’re not at all “sia jiao.”) Sa jiao only ever works on men lol.

  2. haha this sounds like an interesting movie. i do notice that a lot of movies appear on youtube, so i hope this appears too… but i’ll just have to wait though. lol thanks!

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