G.E.M. sings for movie Continent

Continent was released in China today. Earlier we noted that the theme song Song of Dong Ji sounded more like the Marseillaise than a theme song; you may find G.E.M’s addition to the OST something more fitted for a movie.

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2 thoughts on “G.E.M. sings for movie Continent

  1. i haven’t listened to G.E.M in a long time, and I was wondering if she was still doing music and the likes. the song isn’t that bad, but i kinda almost didn’t recognize it since it didn’t sound like her. lol i’m more used to her songs of ‘Where Did You Go’ and pretty much around that time frame. lol anyways, the movie itself looks good, but i don’t think it would be something i would enjoy. but thanks for sharing!!

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