Tiny Times 4: See you Spring 2015!


It’s not game over yet! Are you ready for Round 4 with Lin Xiao and Zhou Chongguang?

Tiny Times isn’t a trilogy after all…Tiny Times 4, Soul’s End灵魂尽头 is going to bring us back to the glamorous world of Guo Jingmings Tiny Times next spring. See the announcement at the end of Kris Wu’s rendition of Yu Kewei’s Time Boiled Rain, which includes clips from the new movie. (The lyric translations can be found here).

Looking forward to more glamorous stills; the fourth movie has already finished shooting. Cast should include Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Bea Hayden, Calvin Du, Chen Xuedong, Guo Jingming, Jiang Chao, Kai Ko, Lee Hyunjae, Ren Youming, Vivian Dawson, Xie Yilin.

P.S: Can anyone tell us how Rhydian Vaughan’s replacement for Gong Ming did in the third movie?

Don’t leave before you tell me where I can watch the third installment!

19 thoughts on “Tiny Times 4: See you Spring 2015!

  1. The reason why Rhydian Vaughan was in the 3rd film was because he was busy filming another film called Girlfriend Boyfriend. P.S. sorry if I’m so late here!

  2. I’ve been reading all of your posts about Tiny Times series because you are like THE ONLY SOURCE for foreigners that cannot read Chinese (i’m french T.T) and first I want to say thank you for all your work and all the info and the interview you provided me /SENDS VIRTUAL HUG/ and secondly I know some people might have asked you already budo you know where I can find the whole book series translated? I’ve been searching for it so badly and I’ve only found the chapter you’ve translated.

    AND OMFG KAI KO/ GU YUAN IS GOING TO JAIL IN TT3?? And urgh I’m craving for TT3 since December and I really hope someone can find it on streaming eng sub because so far there only has been a really low quality filmed-in-the-cinema version on YouTube.

    Anyway, thank you again for all these articles and all your work.

    PS: I would like to know what you think about the all the attention gained for TT3 by Wu Yi Fan/Kris’ singing the OST ? I’m an EXO stan and I love Tiny Times since the first movie and I was so pleased that he sang Time Boils the rain (almost cried) but urgh ALL THE ARTICLES ABOUT TT3 on foreign media are about HIS F****** SONG, I mean you literally can find NOTHING about the actors’ acting skills (i’m particularly interested on Vivian Dawson rendition of Gong Min like you because in my opinion Rhydian Vaughan suited best the role) or the movie’s plot… anyway, just wanted to ask you about this… hehe

    • I…don’t thinkt here’s a complete translation of the whole book series yet :( I’m not sure if Kai Ko’s the one going to jail, or if it’s Lily – and as for the online version, Youku/Tudou will probably post a high quality version one month after the airing date.

      Personally, I like Yu Kewei’s version more, but I haven’t thought much about Kris Wu’s rendition ^^;

      But yay, fellow Tiny Times fan! <3

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    i haven’t seen the 3rd installment yet, but i’m totally anticipating the 4th installment though!! lol gah… i need my Tiny Times feed now!! xD i wish i knew Mandarin and can read, write, and understand it. sigh.

  4. OMFG… so there is going to be a fourth one!! because i saw “4” and “2015” in the music video and people are marking it as a 3rd one. anyways, yeah, where can i watch the 3rd installment preferably with eng subs? ^^” and thanks for the information. greatly appreciate it! and yeah does Vivian Dawson do well as Gong Ming as i honestly liked Rhydian Vaughn as him. lol thanks again!

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