Gao Yuanyuan and Nicholas Tse star in upcoming movie “But Always”

Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan provide more pretty in one still than some dramas in forty episodes.

If If you liked My Ol’ Classmate with Lin Gengxin and Zhou Dongyu, you may also be interested in Gao Yuanyuan and Nicolas Tse’s upcoming movie But Always 一生一世. Joining the cast are Tong Dawei, Happy Camp’s Du Haitao, and Suet Lam.

Gao Yuanyuan’s An Ran and Nicolas Tse’s Zhao Yongyuan (his name is literally Zhao “Forever”) have a love story that plays out from 1972 to 2001. Their childhood friendship evolves into romance when they see each other years later, and although Youngyuan climbs from being a simple worker to becoming a successful entrepreneur, he continues to follow and protect (from Beijing to New York) his childhood friend. (The stills hold up to this promise so far…) The movie will be released on September 5th. 

6 thoughts on “Gao Yuanyuan and Nicholas Tse star in upcoming movie “But Always”

  1. The stills look absolutely gorgeous! I hope the movie is heartwarming and not heart-wrenching! I love Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan suits him really well in the stills. =)

  2. the movie sounds nice so far and the photos are lovely. very picturesque-like. i hope there isn’t some really sad, teary moments. but that’s what i’m getting this vibe of. lol and it’s been awhile since i’ve last seen Nicholas Tse in something. Gao Yuanyuan looks really familiar, but i don’t remember where i’ve seen her in. need to go look her up. anyways, thanks for sharing!!

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