Zheng Shuang stills for “Ancient Sword”



The cutest Zheng Shuang for  “Legend of the Ancient Sword.”  Zheng Shuang recently finished filming for The Cage of Love with Hawick Lau, is currently doing a guest appearance in a Huace drama, and will star in a drama about Tai-Chi by the team of Ancient Sword  in September.

5 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang stills for “Ancient Sword”

  1. And once again, why on earth did Zheng Shuang get plastic surgery? She was so pretty and adorable before. It’s such a pity.

    • I read somewhere, Zheng Shuang said she undid the the surgery. It was a nose job she did and Zhang Han accompanied her to undo it. Personally, I dont know how one can undo nose plastic surgery. Is it possible?
      I think she want to be more mature and elegant. Thus the plastic surgery. I agree, she was good as she was.

      • She did undo the nose job – you can do that by pulling out the plastic that makes the nose look higher. But she also did eye and lip surgery and I think she injected something to make her face thinner? She can’t really undo it all but I think she is trying to look like she used to.

        At one of her recent events, she claimed she did it because she had low self esteem when she was dating Zhang Han.

  2. Liying is super adorable in Boss & Me. Zheng Shuang is very cute in Ancient sword. I hope to see more of Zheng Shuang, but I am not sure I will enjoy The Cage of Love. I am not a Hawick Lau fan and I am really unsure of these two’s pairing. But it has been a while Zheng Shuang is a lead actress in a drama. Thus I will support her and watch the drama…

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