Tiny Times concludes today, Guo Jingming releases memories photoshoot


All Guo Jingming needs is to add HAGS to make this a middle school yearbook-themed photoshoot.

As the trilogy comes to a conclusion, Guo Jingming releases set of BFF, HAGS! Tiny Times Forever character stills of the leads Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Kai Ko, Chen Xuedong, Bea Hayden, Xie Yilin, Jiang Chao, Calvin Du, Vivian Dawson, Lee Hyunjae, and Ren Youming.  The film opens today in China.

And finally, the scriptwriter/director:

13 thoughts on “Tiny Times concludes today, Guo Jingming releases memories photoshoot

  1. just curious to anyone that watches this, too… is it a terrible thing to like this movie? like a lot of critics dislike it and calling it whatever, but for some reason although it’s not my style, i really like watching it and that’s a first. lol i wonder if it’s just the pace of it and the characters i’m introduced to, despite some cliffhangers and WTF moments, but i really seem to enjoy Tiny Times a lot. lol was just curious is all. XD

    • No its not weird. I’m like that too. It really isn’t that great but I do really enjoy watching it too lol. Have u watched the third one? What happened to the novelist and his face and how did he live?

      • Hahaha okok. At least i have someone in the same boat as me. And no i havent seen the 3rs one yet. Im still waiting. But what? Chong guang gets something done to his face? Lol is that why i think he looks different in the trailer for 3? Lol i need info now. Lol

    • It’s a chick flick, and chick flicks work as long as people have fun watching it even if none of the male actors can act … I actually haven’t seen the second and third films, but the first one was probably one of the better chick flicks coming out of China in a long time (which isn’t saying that much since there have been that many until recently).
      I feel like a lot of people forget that not every film has to be the New Testament.

      • alright, thank you for that. and i do agree, as long as you’re having fun watching it should be okay. but personally for myself, i dislike chick flicks and usually watch for the guys. xD but then after that, even if the guys are eyecandy worthy, i just can’t get into the story. i think for me, Tiny Times has something else beneath all that materialism and what not. but not sure how to describe it, but anyways, thanks a lot for your words though. it eases me a bit. lol

  2. can you or somebody else at cfensi please do a movie recap with spoilers included for tiny times 3? I really want to know what happened between lin xiao and and chong guang and why he underwent surgery

  3. Any idea when we’ll be able to watch this online? I also heard talks of a fourth movie being released; is this not the case?

    • It’s supposed to be a trilogy. And I’m pretty sure in the interviews conducted for TT3, they wanted Yang Mi to participate in the movie (despite her pregnancy) to wrap up the story.

    • Youku will probably put it up a month after the release date in really great quality (as they did with the other two films). Lower quality ones might pop up on Youtube before then (but they might get taken down too).

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