“Imperial Doctress” releases more stills

Every Tangren drama needs a good snow. I wonder which prince will come to my rescue this time?

Every Tangren drama needs a good snow. I wonder which prince will come to my rescue this time?

The rest of the stills released for Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, and Huang Qian‘s upcoming series The Imperial Doctress.

But also, the trailer!

Tada! Here I am! Not only am I so much younger than the 8th Prince, but I actually have hair!

Wallace Huo misses the snow scene while grabbing an umbrella.


How could I miss the snow scene!!!

I guess the only solution is either suicide …

“The diagnosis is … he’s gone nuts.”

14 thoughts on ““Imperial Doctress” releases more stills

  1. Love LSS & Wallace very much, agreed that there is still room for improvement of LSS’s acting skill anyway I this most of her fans loved her personality, i.e. down to earth and doesn’t like to fake innocent or ladylike :)

    • ? The older brother is one of the weakest emperors in Chinese history. He gave all his powers to an eunuch, even letting him make military decisions, and ended up as captive for years. His only merits are somehow his captors all love him and he has an amazing wife, but I presume she’ll turn evil for this drama.

  2. Wallace and Liu Shishi are not a pair. Single sided relationship. Poor Wallace, he really does not end up the lead actress sometimes. Just like Scheme of a Beauty. I was really hoping to watch them as a pair.
    Do you think Liu Shishi is a bad actress? There are so many unpleasant comments on her acting skills online. I think she is improving and she has a good screen presence.

    • Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. Did you want them to praise how good she is even when they think she’s not? I for one didn’t think she improved. If anything, by the trailer she went she has gotten worse.

      • Everyone is entitled to honest opinion. But hateful comments are different. Thus you must have misunderstood my questions earlier. I dont think everyone need to praise her but there is no need to be rude and put others down. She may have gotten worse for you but certainly not for me. I have seem much worse acting.

    • I think people are just put off by some of her fans who over praise her. I don’t think her acting is the best among her age group, but she’s good enough for most of her roles. Haters are going to hate.

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