Fantasty cartoons set in Ancient China: coming to theaters, possibly an ocean away from you

I feel a little hungry after looking at all the cute potato and pork bun shaped people.

Do you like Disney movies? China’s new animated film “The Magic Brush” is combining two things form your childhood – Disney technology, and the traditional Chinese story about a boy whose magic brush allows the things he paints to come to life. (Granted, the Disney part of this is from the China special division). In this story, Ma Liang is given the magic brush, and must use it to save his village. (Trailer below the cut, how cute!) This will be released on July 25th. There’s also the Qin’s Moon movie, made by China’s own animation studios in Hangzhou. The film is finally coming to theaters on August 8, two years behind schedule. In my honest opinion, the posters for this one are hideous…but they are below the cut anyways. They seem to have diverged in animation for the series and the movie (or so I hope); their new mini-series/season 5 preview series, which is supposed to release its third and final episode on July 8, sports gorgeous animation that looks less like it was pulled from a generic RPG game. Below the cut: the cute, the pretty, and the…other.

Not sure how many polygons this was made with, but it’s the next stage in the progression mentioned in this post.

01. The Magic Brush 02. Qins’ Moon Season 5/special mini-series 03. Qin’s Moon movie (“The Dragon Flies Ten Thousand Miles, or The Legend of Qin 龙腾万里) You can find more here.

…I thought setting a film two thousand years ago was insurance against the duck-face, but clearly I was wrong.

7 thoughts on “Fantasty cartoons set in Ancient China: coming to theaters, possibly an ocean away from you

    • YES!!! Love Qin’s Moon very much! Totally recommend it, although the first 2 seasons’ animation is not that good. But it improves every season. And the storyline is getting more interesting too. But its speed of production is very very slow… I waited for almost 2 years, I think, to watch season 4. :)

    • I like it a lot ^^ I’m not usually drawn to animation (besides Disney/Pixar, usually not even Dreamworks…!) and this is the only animated series that I follow. The first two season’s animation may not be the best, but one of the really nice parts for me has also been seeing the animation improve each time. (Another reason why I’m so sad that the movie’s animation is so strange…!)

      I might be somewhat biased, since I started to follow it in its early stages (back when I was still in middle school, lol), but I still think its plot and characters are pretty decent. You might not like every bit of it, but…I think it’s worth a try? ^^;

      You do have to wait a long time for each season, though :P

    • I think it really depends on the person. Ancient Sword has an amazing voice cast that I think added a lot to the show. The voice actors for all the leads ,but especially Qiao Zhenyu, William Chan and Zheng Shuang, were perfect.

  1. Qin’s Moon trailer :
    Sounds like they have changed the voice actor for Wei Zhuang, he doesn’t sound right for me hehe… BTW, why all the characters in the movie seems like doesn’t know each other?

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