Ma Tianyu stills for Ancient Sword


Stills of Ma Tianyu, the “female lead” aka goofball of “Legend of the Ancient Sword.” Ma Tianyu is really the winner of the show, with William Chan as his brother, Zhang Meng as his sister, Qi Wei as his fiancee, Zhang Na as his first love, and Zheng Shuang as his current love.

11 thoughts on “Ma Tianyu stills for Ancient Sword

  1. I start smiling every time his character appears, he’s so adorable – and yay, Zheng Shuang finally appeared today!

    Also, Qiao Zhenyu gets more and more attractive each time I see him. Though the older brother/William Chan is my favorite so far (or closely tied with Ma Tianyu, anyways). (They’re all really good looking, also loving Yang Mi’s older brother…and the main lead, haha) I was kind of glad that they finally left the mountain…tbh, Qiao Zhenyu’s romance arc seems the least interesting so far :S

    • I was waiting for the same pairing. Currently, I find it hard to ship the two leads. I think Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu will steal the show. I miss Zheng Shuang. I am glad she is now being independent. Being away from Zhang Han is good for her career.

      • I think episode 8(TV version) is when they finally had a connection. Prior to that, I feel like qingxue had more shippy scenes with everyone but Susu and vice-versa.
        The rumor is that Zheng Shuang’s next gig before Taichi begins is an adaptation of QiXiaWuYi with Chen Xiao and Yan Kuan, although I feel like any female role in such a series will be either disliked or ignored…

      • OMG has anyone seen today’s Happy Camp? I want to hit Ma Tianyu on the head so much. Given that Happy Camp is partially scripted so he had time to formulate a reply way before, what he said about Zheng Shuang was simply unacceptable unless he’s secretly in love with Zhang Han and wants to put the fault of the breakup all on her. Seriously, if you want to care for Zheng Shuang, this is not the way to do it.
        PS I’m replying to you since I can’t reply to the post otherwise because WordPress is not available.

    • Even though I still think he’s the best looking, I feel like his arcs are all weak and the only boring parts of the show… The excessive shippy moments with Susu are out of character and unnecessary for the plot. The fact they added those scenes also made the main BG relationship look really weak. Also, I’m definitely Team Dashixiong.
      I was so relieved when Ma Tianyu and Yang Mi appeared to move the plot and cuteness along.
      PS are you still in China? I’m having a lot if trouble accessing wordpress and can only get on occasionally with the app.

      • Haha, I thought that there were more lovey-dovey moments with Susu than expected, but it’s probably just to highlight the depth of his…other plans later.

        No, I came back last week – the only thing I can say is to try adding https:// before the address? But my wordpress connection was also inconsistent there :(

        • Apparently one of the head writers is a slash writer? I swear the director must also be a slash director if one exists because the directing of some scenes are so obvious( the scene after the rain in ep 1, where they open with a shot of his clothes and then shift to Susu in his underwear…)
          I feel like QZY made Qingxue and Susu a really out of the blue pair until episode 8. Some of his lines should’ve been given to Qingxue.

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