Boss & Me features a lot of eating

Boss & Me, aka How the Boss Fed Me to Eat Me.

How the Boss Fed Me to Eat Me, aka Witch & Gretel Boss & Me

True to its original name Shanshan Come and Eat, Boss & Me released  stills consisting entirely of the leads Zhang Han and Zhao Liying eating.   Zhao Liying said she gained 4 kg during the filming of the series because her character is constantly eating.  The series begins airing today.  Are you hungry yet?


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  1. It is a soft and fluffy drama that is far removed from reality. Some of it is cute, some of it is too slow making it more suitable for younger viewers. The acting is mostly fine, just not fond of 2 actresses: the ones who took the roles of Shan Shan’s BFF Shuang Yi and cousin Liu Liu. Those 2 characters are too one-dimensional. Many female characters are not interesting, though the actresses look attractive. Shan Shan as a character is also too juvenile for too long. At least in the US, it is hard to believe that a 20-something would put hands around her own face and act cutesy so often, even when she is in the office building. The weakest link seems to be the script/plot. It needs more meat.

    Why do some recent Shanghai series like to put pink lipstick on male actors? The Hong Kong TVB actors etc. don’t appear on screen with bright lipstick colors.

    • Actually it is very common for young women in Japan, Korea and China girls to “put hands around her own face and act cutesy” with their loved ones. Shan Shan’s behaviour is not considered unusual in China. There are superwomen in China but there are alot more women who rather not be so strong. They prefer their partner to be stronger. And the greater Asian guys prefer their women like that anyway. Being cute and liking cute tokens are very popular. Definitely not common in US, but watching this dramas are good for non Chinese to understand the Chinese cultures better. Otherwise, the world would be such a boring place to live in. Not everywhere is similar to the US. The cultural difference is big. For example: Hello Kitty and cute animation is very big in Japan/Korea /China. They even have Hello Kitty Travel jets .

      For your comment on it being far removed from reality, I think that are more parts that are very realistic. Their simple courtship and eating together regularly and male taking control of the relationship. I love the part, they both do not see the need to sleep together after a few dates unlike the Western practice. The only part that is surreal is the Rich tycoon and Poor girl story. That is very rare but not impossible.

      • Btw, I agree with you about the lipstick. I do not understand why they need to choose such a obvious shade. This is a idol drama which is different from regular Chinese dramas with heavier storyline. Maybe they think Pretty man sells the drama better?

      • I agree with u. If we watched, Kdrama n Chinese dramas a lot, u come to realize that K DRAMA’S uses more lipsticks on their male actors.

      • Your analytical skills is amazing. I agree with u that it’s not far apart from reality. Nothing else to add, but to give u an applause.

  2. Just watched today’s drama. Do you not think Shan Shan reads too much into a situation? She read into things where there are none to be read and ignore situations where she should be more careful. I would be happy if I am given a unlimited card but she thinks a card means they will see each other less. I think a woman like Shan Shan is so innocence but insecure. I think Zheng Shuang is probability like Shan Shan. Cute, innocent, pretty but insecure around their better half. I am certain Zhang Han will have a better insight into Zheng Shuang insecurity around him thru this drama.

  3. This drama is really cute. Poor Shan Shan and her determination to end her daily torture of eating pork liver :D

    • Ahhhh, I just saw ep 12 and they’re so cute! I wish the entire rest of the show will be of then playing chess and reading together. Last night’s move into drama was not welcomed at all

      • The couple were really sweet when they were playing chess/ etc. I was not expecting to enjoy this drama as I was skeptical of the chemistry between Zhang Han and Liying. They have both pleasantly surprised me. This drama is much more enjoyable than Queen of Sop 2.
        However, I am currently finding hard to separate Zhang Han from the two dramas that is airing concurrently. Watching a male lead on two dramas with different female partners is not easy for me. One will keep comparing the two. Unless both the female leads are strong actress, I think it is inevitable for one of them to fall behind.
        I was waiting till Boss & Me ends before I continue with Zhang Han’s Sunday drama. Since it only airs once a week, the wait will be fine. I dislike watching a drama once a week for the next 4 months or more.

  4. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy w/ stress-free drama to wine down, then this is for you. I happen to enjoy this drama very much. My brain need to take a rest from all these crazy-over-dramatic writing.

    • I agree with u completely. When I first started watching it, I felt something is different with this drama. It is very relaxing n very sweet. I love it, just like the Heirs, from Kdrama.
      All the conversations are so real… As a big boss of a big corp, ZH ‘ character is full of heavy responsibilities in his shoulder. It is so true as well in the real life…speaking from my own experience. U wonder whether to like someone or not, if they like u as a person or the money that comes with it. All in all, I really like this drama, the casts, the wardrobes, the settings, n i will vote for ZH n ZLY, as the best couple of the year. They’re so sweet n compatible with each other.

    • It is cute and sweet. Apart from that, I find the drama not very exciting. Not one of the best romance drama I have seen but entertaining enough. I am looking forward to see Liying’s character becoming more mature. All the cuteness is just getting little much for me. I hope we cam more exciting plot soon, currently, the drama is too smooth sailing.
      What are your thoughts?

  5. If anyone has not started watching this drama. Please do not hesitate. It is a super cuter drama. Very uplifting and funny.

  6. may I know when it will be aired and do you have link to watch this drama? I check on other website saying will be aired on july 7th but there is no traces of the drama except for the trailer

  7. Zhao Li Ying is so cute. I think she fits well with Shan Shan Character but honestly Hans Zhang never come to my mind taking role as Feng Teng. After seeing so many pic of them, I do find Hans and Li Ying couple more than good compare to Hans and Gui Gui.
    Not to mention I like Zhao Li Ying better than Gui Gui.
    I looking forward the drama since the novel is so light without complicated and unnecessary conflict, hope so for the drama :)

  8. She does look slightly rounder on her face. I am looking forward to another good drama to start. Ancient sword only airs twice a week. And Zhang Han’s other drama is once a week. I miss a good daily drama. Any good recommendations?

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