Photoshoot Friday: (belated) July 5, 2014

Cecilia Cheung‘s photoshoot for L’Officiel is my favorite this time, because of how nice all the colors look, though Li Bingbing and Angelababy also sport nice photoshoots for Trendshealth and Bazaar, respectively. Li Yuchun also makes an appearance, sporting a black tiara that I thought was her hair at first. Look below the cut for more pictures!

01. Li Bingbing

02. Cecilia Cheung

03. Li Yuchun

04. Angelababy

05. Ni Ni

6 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: (belated) July 5, 2014

  1. Looking at that last picture of Li Bingbing, I couldn’t help but laugh. What is that.
    Sigh, fashion is a strange thing.

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