More gorgeous stills from Hua Qian’gu

Skinship in the snow!

I really hope the camera work for Zhao Liying and Wallace Huo’s upcoming drama Hua Qian’gu is somewhat close to how lovely the stills seem, although the more I read about the plot synopsis, the more I dislike the story. Also, if the drama goes with the book’s original ending, you should prepare for a tragedy. Welcome to a world in which Wallace Huo’s character is always brooding and secretly in love with a much younger girl-become-woman, and yet Ma Ke‘s (first and last still under cut) imitation of Wallace (or Ctrl + F Chen Xiao) is supposed to be the most beautiful person in the six realms.

What’s your first impression after seeing the gorgeous stills below the cut? Mine was that it looked like Wallace’s character was pregnant…

“Boss and Me,” master and student version!?

8 thoughts on “More gorgeous stills from Hua Qian’gu

  1. Judging from comments, HQG sounds like a romantic super melodrama. Not my cup of tea. But the stills look good. Great costumes and sceneries. I will watch because of Wallace. :-)

    • HQG is kind of like many Asian dramas that are cute and fluffy in the beginning and then becomes melodramatic later. I would recommend watching the first 1/3 for the cuteness, and then stop as soon as it becomes melodramatic.

  2. Ugh. Yeah. The book is super terrible, and I don’t understand its popularity at all. I just find the characters super cray cray. I really like the stills, so I’m hoping they’ve changed the story to make it more palatable.

  3. I am really not sure I will enjoy this drama. I am a fan of Wallace but this drama might just cross a few lines for me. Liying has acted with a few male leads much older than her. The last was with Hawick Lau. I think Qi Ji from 错点鸳鸯.戏点鸳鸯 is also one of my favourite.
    As she is a upcoming popular drama actress, she gets good lead roles. Unfortunately, apart from Chen Xiao, I dont think there is a great number of successful male around their age group. Chen Xiao is Yu Zheng’s muse , I dont think he will get lead roles so easily with other high profile. producers. The Chen Xiao / Liying pairing works very well. Amazing chemistry they have with each other.
    I wonder how will her new character be portrayed in Hua Qian QianGu and her chemistry with Wallace. After Wallace/Tangyan’s pairing in Prefect Couple. My expectation better be lowered or I may be disappointed.

  4. oh dear ! why my Wallace look sooo fragile here ? I tot he supposed to be a very formidable deity ? :s

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