Weibo Wednesday: July 2, 2014

To be honest, not much has been happening on the Weibo front since our last round-up (that, or I haven’t had the time to pay enough attention), but have some cuteness to make up for the lack of real news.

Zhou Xun with boyfriend Archie Kao and panda

i周迅: [panda emoticon]

Zhou Xun with her Chinese-American boyfriend Archie Kao is quite adorable already, but give me Zhou Xun, Archie, and a panda, and that’s even better! I’m going to have to throw in an extra picture here, because she is really just too cute.

Zhou Xun with panda (minus boyfriend Archie Kao)

On the other end of the romantic spectrum, Qi Wei is showing some public love-hate for her boyfriend, Korean-American singer/actor Nathan Lee.

Qi Wei slapping boyfriend Nathan Lee

戚薇: 我说过,如果找到另一半,我一定会呼他一巴掌,然后问他:“这么久都跑去哪儿了?”。。。7哥说到做到!。。。感觉自己萌萌哒。。。@李承铉[调皮][调皮][调皮]

Qi Wei: I’ve said before, if I find my other half, I will definitely give him a slap, and then ask him, “It’s been so long. Where did you run off to?” …Brother Qi keeps his promises! …I feel like it’s time for me to eat my meds… @Nathan Lee

Don’t worry, they’re actually very in love, and are reportedly heading down the serious path since Nathan has already met Qi Wei’s parents and gotten their stamp of approval. He also said at a recent event that he wants to be “bullied by her for the rest of [his] life.”

Qi Wei smooching boyfriend Nathan Lee

For most of China, Father’s Day is on August 8 (since the date sounds like “father”), but Yang Mi and Hawick Lau, who had their first child on June 1, decided to celebrate Father’s Day on June 15 as well. I guess if you’re a first-time dad like Hawick, you might as well celebrate twice. C:

Hawick Lau with newborn daughter on Father's Day

杨幂: 第一个父亲节快乐[拜拜]~也祝全天下的父亲们节日快乐,平安健康

Yang Mi: Happy First Father’s Day~ I also wish all the fathers in the world a happy holiday. Peace and health.

Unfortunately, spending time with hubby meant missing out on the Tiny Times 3 (小时代3) reunion at the Shanghai International Film Festival, but it looks like the ones who did make it had a lot of fun! They took three poses: cool, pretty, and sick/weird. Three guesses which this one is.

Cast of Tiny Times 3 meeting at the Shanghai International Film Festival

郭敬明: 小时代3齐聚上海国际电影节!远方的萌妹子妈咪@杨幂 你还好吗?[拜拜]感谢我们剧组的专属摄影师,长手阿东@柯震东 拍照!只有他的手长到可以把大家塞进去。三张风格:酷的!美的!病的!告诉我你们喜欢哪一张?

Guo Jingming: Tiny Times 3 assembled at SIFF! The faraway cute young mommy @Yang Mi, how are you? Thanks to our crew’s exclusive cameraman, the long-armed @Kai Ko for taking the picture! He was the only one whose arm was long enough to cram everyone into the picture.

Armed with nothing but her cellphone and her magic powers, Zhou Dongyu has been busy taking down invisible enemies. Let’s hope this isn’t how she deals with her Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生) costar Chen Xiao.

Zhou Dongyu fighting an invisible enemy

周冬雨: 麻烦赏句潜台词

Zhou Dongyu: Please give some subtext

Ending this post with uber cuteness, here is Godfrey Gao with his son/puppy Theodore, also known as Theo. This bad boy even has his own Instagram and Weibo accounts.

Godfrey Gao with puppy Theo

高以翔Godfrey: Looks like his caught up on the fashion trend! #bowtie #freshhaircut

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