Tong Liya, Jerry Yan are “Loving, Never Forgetting”


I can’t tell if she’s wearing a wedding gown with a really big veil, or in bed.

In another classic Internet novel plot, Jerry Yan’s big boss has an one-night stand with Tong Liya’s poor intern and totally forgets about it until one day, he finds a little boy in need of blood donations, and he turns out to be his son …

The trailer for Loving, Never Forgetting 恋恋不忘 didn’t look great so I didn’t post on it before, but among the six or so dramas that begun airing last week, this was the only one I stuck with.   The story is a bit cliche, but decent.   Jerry Yan, Tong Liya, and Jerry Huang all look great despite the poor lighting.  Anyways, a recommend until the two dramas I’m really looking forward to are airing soon  –  Boss & Me and Ancient Sword!

Since the fanmade trailer is better than the actual one … Whatever happened to Ocean Butterfly’s music quality anyways?

9 thoughts on “Tong Liya, Jerry Yan are “Loving, Never Forgetting”

  1. Thanks to have remembered me this drama! I think I’ll try to watch it for the lead couple. I hope it’s not too heavy and melodramatic.
    Which are the other five dramas?

  2. Watched Lian Lian Bu Wang till ep 18, before I gave up and started to skip the non-Jerry x Tong Li Ya bits. I dislike the second lead fervently! Jerry’s acting is ok, but he is not good at acting emotionless, as is required by his character. His interpretation of emotionless comes across as stiff-faced. But when he opens up to his son or Wu Tong, he becomes more natural and shines.

    • I fully agree, watch Jerry as a emotionless person is like watching a wooden figure. Now, it is different. He is so relaxed and happy being married. For a character that does not know how to show love, I think Li Zhong Mou is doing a very good job showing his love for Wu Tong. I see a 100% transformation from his earlier personality. Which is too sudden, there is no progression to such a change.

      • Yup, I’m now at ep 23 (skipping all non-Jerry x Tong Li Ya scenes), and they are so sweet with each other – a sign that drama gods are going to deal them a bad card soon. The plot development is too sudden and I cannot tell how Li Zhong Mou fell for Wu Tong. It almost feels like the drama is under live shooting and the scriptwriters suddenly added fluff because of viewer feedback. Of course, I enjoy watching Jerry as sweet Li Zhong Mou, but the change is too jarring.

        I can’t help to compare this to Sealed With A Kiss, which I only just watched because someone mentioned it while introducing Lian Lian Bu Wang. The character development is better there and sucks me in, makes me want to know more. In spite of the very controversial theme, the plot reveals and hidden meanings in scenes were quite well done.

        I merely mentioned the above comments in Weibo, and that very unbiased comment invited a lot of flaming. Glad to have a sensible platform here for discussion.

        • I watched Sealed with a Kiss and it was intense. But the story draws you in and one can get trap in it. However, it is a drama, I cannot watch again without a thought. Similar to Yan Kuan’s 恋了爱了. It is about man with emotional and psychological issue in their childhood which effected them alot when they grow up. Their ability to love or show love is not easy. After watching both dramas Seal with a Kiss and 恋了爱了, I do sleep with a heavy heart. It is very interesting when a drama demonstrate the reality of a successful man who is strong but yet very weak. Their childhood causes them to play mind games with themselves and others around them.
          I agree with you about drama discussion platform here. It is good to respect everyone has a opinion and it may not be silimar to ourselves. But it is also important to articulate that opinion without being rude. I feel cfensi have very sensible members. Thus I love coming to this blog.

  3. I have so glad you posted this drama. Amongst the 6 dramas, this is the only one I follow each day. Young Sherlock is fairly disappointing. This is the first drma I watch by Bosco, I am not sure I am drawn to him. The character he protray is a little annoying. But that is just my personal opinion. No offends to Bosco’s fans.
    As for Loving, Never Forgetting The chemistry between the leads is very touching. The little kid is cute but I have seem more incredible Chinese child actors. The only bit I find amusing is the almost instant moment the two leads started having a close relationship. They were on gear 1 till eps 18 and within 1/2 day, they progress to gear 5.
    Has anyone watched Ten Years of Love? I am fond of Deng Chao, he is one of my favourite actor. But the storyline for Ten Years of Love is just too heavy for me. I will just download it and pull a drama marathon when this drama ends.

    • I feel the same about all the dramas you mentioned, although I’ve liked Bosco in other things before.
      I was totally taken by the sex scene because they were too awkward to even look at each other in the eyes a minute ago…. I don’t think it’s a drama I would rewatch, but it was okay while it was going on. Also, I’m kind of disappointed in Tong Liya because I feel like this is one of her least natural dramas. She’s usually better than this.
      I really like Deng Chao and Dong Jie, also, but I’m too busy right now to watch such a heavy drama…

      • Haha, the sex scene was so sudden. I swear I actually checked if I miss 10mins of the drama that connected the two scenes. I like Tong Liya too, I love her husky voice. She is married now, maybe that is the reason for her slightly restrictive acting.

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