“Boss & Me” releases trailer


Zhao Liying vs Zhang Han, whose eyebrows are thicker?

Comfort drama Boss & Me, the second of the three dramas by Zhang Han that’s airing this summer,  begins airing on July 7th.    The trailer had a pretty big effect in the Weibo world as one scene became an instant meme hit. Can you guess which one?

15 thoughts on ““Boss & Me” releases trailer

  1. Looks like dark eyebrows are a trend in China now. Does the Chinese woman like a chauvinist man? Zhang Han’s character is such a chauvinist most times. I would be so annoyed with a man who clinks his fingers at me when he want my attention. Liying is very cute in this drama.

    I have never been to China, I love to visit the Country one day. I do enjoy watch CDramas to understand the China’s tradition and culture. How modern Chinese lives and their dreams and hope. My Granny still tells me stories of olden China but after Cultural revolution, things has changed a lot.

    One of Korea’s main marketing direction thru its drama is promoting Korean cuisine. The Japanese had taught the Western world to eat raw fish. The Korean are doing so with their Kim-chi, Hong Kong with her Dim Sum. I wonder what will the Chinese teach the world? Maybe because the country is so huge, it is hard to find a dish that is common to them all. The North love their Dumplings and noodles, South love their rice. Each region has its own delicacy.
    I am a Chef , I love food. Thus I really enjoying watching this drama and enjoying watching how Liying’s character eat. As Zhang Han said watch her eat can increase one’s appetite too.

  2. Yap, there is a need for a light hearted drama. Zhang Han is definitely the star of the year. I think there are other better actors than Han but he does have his charm. Liying is a good actress, she is young but she has a very wide acting range. She is able to create good chemistry with her co-stars. She reminds me of Ariel Lin. I am looking forward to this drama.

    • I actually feel like Zhao Liying has a very niche acting range. Like Ariel Lin, she’s really good at acting naturally cute. But when she’s in more serious roles like Gong the movie or even as Qing’er in HZGG, it’s very awkward. I think her babyface also limits her range.
      I used to think that Zhang Han was just an okay actor with good line-reading abilities, but I just realized recently that my impression of him after watching every one of dramas is that he’s like the character in real life. All of his roles feel like he’s acting as himself, but they’re all very different roles. I think more recently, the only other idol leads I’ve felt that way was Wallace Huo in Perfect Couple and Wang Kai in New Detective Squad.

      • You observation on Zhang Han’s acting is interesting. I will have to watch his three dramas this period.

      • Interesting on what you said about ZLY and her role as Qing Er. I didn’t care much for her character or for her with NHZGG, but I don’t remember when I started to adore her as an actress. I think her portrayal (or maybe it was just the character?) of Qing Er was boring, but I really like everything else she’s been in. I wonder if she would’ve matched Ariel’s spunky-ness as Huang Rong if she started a few years earlier and had gotten the role.

        ZLY is very cute but I do agree her baby face is limiting her to cutesy roles. I think she needs something different, and definitely a high quality production like what LSS is getting. I think she’s one of the top stars for me, and if Ariel Lin is any indication, I think she’ll pass her cutesy phase nicely and mature very well.

        • Tangren’s LoCH was the point where I went from a complete Tangren fangirl to urgh… why are you trying to be things you aren’t.

          I feel like Ariel Lin is still a bit constraint by her babyface. She’s actually one of my favorite Taiwanese actresses, but it seems like a lot of casting directors overlook her acting because of her face. As for ZLY, I wouldn’t mind if she keeps acting in her cute roles and avoid things like her Gong roles. Tbh, Zhao Liying is getting far better roles than LSS. After shooting to fame with Lu Zhen, she’s had a really great choice of roles recently – Boss & Me and Hua Qian’gu (and supposedly Tonghua’s next drama) – that are all perfect for her, and they’re all by different companies with different leads, which means she’s getting a wide range of coverage and new fans. LSS hasn’t had any good dramas since BBJX back in 2011, and she’s been working with the same people over and over again. I wish she would get out of Tangren and take some good dramas not opposite Nicky Wu.

  3. Is it that adorable dance she does? I’m totally looking forward to this. I needed something fluffy to watch. :)

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