Micro Times brings Internet drama budgets to a new high


Who wears rainbow best? Micro Times, Ancient Sword, Seven Friends, or Ban Shu?

Super busy Yang Mi‘s first produced drama, featuring all new actors with  herself, Shawn Yue, Monica Chan, Bibi Zhou Bichang, Tan Weiwei, and Kim Beom as the guest leads, will finally be airing on July 21st. The series is the first high-budget drama produced for the Internet, and is one of a series of Internet series from QQ.

Although they’re all fairly new as of filming Micro Times, Dilireba, Gao Weiguang are also featured in Yang Mi’s upcoming series Ancient Sword, while Zhang Yunlong is a supporting lead in Zhang Han’s Paranormal Adonis.   As a preview, next week is going to be Zhang Han week.

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