Photoshoot Friday: Men’s Edition

I gave up on balancing the gender ratio for Photoshoot round-ups a long time ago. This is my attempt to rectify the usual bias.

Daniel Chan is as good looking as ever, dressed in a suit in this photo shoot for National Geographic Traveler (maybe this is how Yuwen Yong earned extra cash when posing as a wanderer?) MIchael Chen suits up as well, as does Li Dong Xue (he was the Seventeenth Prince in the Legend of Zhen Huan). Tian Liang also makes an appearance…also in suits.

Look under the cut for more pictures

01. Daniel Chan

02. Men’s Uno

03. Li Dongxue

04. Tian Liang

(Did Tian Liang catch on to how I feel about all these suits…?!) 

05. Michael Chen

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