Ma Tianyu, Zheng Shuang adorable for Ancient Sword

Can you count how many times Ma Tianyu got hurt in this trailer?

Before, I was definitely just watching for the cast, but this trailer for The Legend of Ancient Sword settles it once and for all that this will be a fun drama to watch. Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu are hilarious, Yang Mi is cute, and even Li Yifeng is adorable in this.

Trailer below.  I’m so excited for next week!

7 thoughts on “Ma Tianyu, Zheng Shuang adorable for Ancient Sword

  1. Has anyone ever followed a drama till the end and after whiched you feel you have wasted a lot of time watching the drama? I feel so annoyed with the ending of Young Sherlock. The ending is sill ridiculous. The drama was not fabulous but since I started it, I want to follow it thru. But after watching the last eps today, I am so cross at myself for not listening to my instincts.
    I just started watch Ancient Sword. I think it looks good. I hope this drama can help me get over the disappointment in Young Sherlock. First few eps of ancient sword looks good. The kids are so adorable!

  2. OMG, such a adorable trailer!! I like Ma Tianyu in this character alot. He is so suited for the role. I have seen his different acting range from Yi Zhimei to Young Sherlock and now in Ancient sword. He is a good young actor.

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