Ancient Sword releases opening, ending by Zhang Jie, Yu Kewei


The OCD in me wishes they were arranged by the colors of the rainbow.

Crazy cast Legend of the Ancient Sword released its  opening theme, Heart of the Sword 剑心, by Zhang Jie, and the ending theme, Faraway远方by Yu Kewei.

The series has a ridiculously gorgeous cast of Li Yifeng, Yang Mi,  Zheng Shuang, Qiao Zhenyu, Ma Tianyu, Gillian Chung, William Chan, Chen Zihan, Dilireba, Li Xiaolu, Zhang Meng, and Qi Wei, and will begin airing next Wednesday.

Which song do you like more? Who do you look forward to the most?

15 thoughts on “Ancient Sword releases opening, ending by Zhang Jie, Yu Kewei

  1. Zheng Shuang’s comeback drama. Sigh….. still thinking she looks better in this pre-surgery than she does now…..

  2. Tbh, I didn’t really like Li Yifeng’s casting as the lead, but now it’s growing on me :P I remember thinking the fox demon was really annoying when I watched clips from the game (not good enough or into gaming enough to play…xDD), but Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu look like they’re going to be adoraaable <3

    In China right now~ Was watching this TV series that was being broadcasted on JIangsu television called 淘女郎. I could feel my IQ dropping with each episode ;_____; Now they're broadcasting one of Zhang Xinyi's new dramas…I've been seeing Ancient Sword's trailers/promotions on Hunan TV every day now. (Plus Cindy and Tian Liang promoting some type of supplement), super excited~

    • Me, too! I actually recently re-watched Beauty at the Crossfires for him. I wish he and Shu Chang would star in a series where they actually get together for once…

      • Shu Chang was very suited for dramas in the 1930sShanghai. She looks so good in the wavy hair and her petite build suits the costumes from that era. She and Zhengyu looks so good together in the drama. I watched the drama a number of times too. Qiao ZhengYu and Yan Kuan are both under rated actors. It is disappointing, I hope they can get more leading roles instead of the repetitive leads we keep seeing.

  3. I’m looking forward to Kris! It saddened me when he filed the lawsuit and all of the rumors were driving me crazy. EXO=12 forever!

  4. How do they production pay for all the stars? Must be very costly to produce this drama! On a separate note: People with OCD have amazing organisation skills. My sis is OCD, her home is immaculate. I am the opposite of her. As a artist, I think the colours would look good in the order of the rainbow colours.

    • There’s two possibility. They used all the budget for the actors and this explains why CGi and costumes suck… Or many of this stars, guest starred because of their friendship with Yang Mi.

      • The CGI for this is pretty good for a drama, and the costumes are in general very similar to the characters.
        Huanrui is a really rich company in general, and they have good connections. It also helps that each of the smaller characters have interesting but concentrated plotlines

    • Huanrui is like the OPEC of TV . They’re just really rich and actually spends it well. Their Lost Tomb film and drama series has a projected budget of 20 billion.

  5. So pretty! I really like the editing of the ending. I hope this doesn’t disappoint me like Xuan Yuan Jian! For some reason I just couldn’t get past the 8th episode…. (Anyone recommends me to continue watching?)

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