Janine Chang shows off embroideries for The Empress of China

After netizens pointed out that bounded paper books were not yet invented in the Tang, the show changed all of its books to scrolls.

One of the basic ways to tell the budget of a drama is by the patterns on the fabric. If the designs are actually embroidered instead of printed embroidery, you know at least the costume budget is that much higher. The Empress of China has one of the highest budgets in history, and you can tell simply by how detailed the embroideries are for the supporting female Zhang Junning.   The embroideries are not blanketly used, however, as you can tell that Fan Bingbing wore not embroidered, but printed, dresses in Wu Zetian’s earlier stages.

5 thoughts on “Janine Chang shows off embroideries for The Empress of China

  1. Janine Chang is so pretty! I always thought she and Liu Shi Shi kinda look similar except she has sharper features. So excited for this though! It’s going to be such a pretty drama haha

    • I feel like Tangren has a very specific taste in looks, and a lot of their leads look similar… Liu Shishi and Ying’er looks like Liu Yifei, Lv Yi looks like the lead from Yang Clan, who looks like Sun Li. And they all resemble Karen Tsai…

    • She is darker as well. China love their lead actress very fair. Janine have a very nice tan. That may be one of the reasons she is good for modern dramas and we dont see her chosen often for period dramas. I like Janine, she is a good actress.

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