Xu Jinglei returns with new film; are females more likely to cast new actors?


After overspending on plane tickets, Xu Jinglei decides to film the entire movie via her iPhone.

One of China’s most successful chick flick directors, Xu Jinglei, returns after a two-year hiatus with “Somewhere only we know.”   As with before, she’s using all new film leads, including Wang LikunKris Wu YifanZhang Chao, and Reyizha  The script is written by Wang Shuo of the box-office record-breaking films Personal Tailor and  If you’re the one 2. More photos and musing below the cut.

Has anyone noticed that female directors and producers tend to be much more willing to use new actors and actresses as leads?  In film, we have Zhao Wei using Yang Zishan  for her first film; Xu Jinglei with Stanley Huang and now the new actors.  And if we look in the drama world where producers have more say in casting, every successful mainland idol drama with new leads in the past couple of years are by a female producer –  New Dream of the Red Romance, Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together, iPartmentSpicy Girls, New My Fair Princess/Huan Zhu Ge Ge, Fall in Love, Xuanyuan Sword, with the only exception being Yuan Shanshan in Gong II. The upcoming Micro Times produced by Yang Mi also consists of  all new actors.   Do you think it’s a coincidence or a trend?

and the real bamf…

As if putting on sunglasses would take away from Xu Jinglei’s awesomeness.

10 thoughts on “Xu Jinglei returns with new film; are females more likely to cast new actors?

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    yes i took interest of this because of Kris… but still i’m looking forward to this because Xu Jinglei is a casting new faces for people to learn to love and she herself from what i’ve read has done a great job with all of her other movies she has directed and what not. i hope a summary for this comes up though. i need something to do as i wait for Tiny Times 3. lol

    • Kris for me too, but only because I’m really curious as to how this whole thing is going to play out. Each new SM scandal just gets more and more interesting.

      • ha, yeah for sure. is why i’m just into the music and not caring about all these scandals and what not. but yeah, hope all goes well for all of them.

  2. i think it’s nice when you see new actors and actresses. it’s refreshing and kinda gives them a chance you know to become a fan. as much as i like other actors and actresses, seeing new faces just a lot of fun. lol

    btw, is there a summary of what this will be about or anything? kinda curious as what the plot is like and seems like a maybe coming-of-age thing or something like that. anyways, thanks!

    • Baidu says it’s about a girl who goes to Europe after being jilted by her boyfriend and being heartbroken by her grandmother’s death.

      • oh okay. thanks for that! i wonder which countries in Europe it will take place. :D and how she overcomes her feelings and the likes. thanks again!

  3. It would be interesting to compare budgets for directors, too. Maybe female directors aren’t as well funded, thereby forcing them to rely on less-established actors? Hmm…

    • That’s a possibility. Or maybe it’s harder to get famous actors as a woman? I know Zhao Wei called for weeks in a row to get Mark Zhao.
      Or maybe it’s a Beijing Film thing…

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