The Legend of the Last Emperor releases new stills

How could that woman on the left wear peach?!?  Don’t you know it’s red day?!?  Now you can’t sit with us at the lunch table!!

Stills have been released for The Legend of the Last Emperor starring Winston Chao, Yu Shaoqun,Jiang Linjing,Sun Yaoqi, Law Kar-ying, Kara Hui, etc.

The Legend of the Last Emperor follows the story of the last emperor of the Aisin Gioro clan, Puyi, through the fall of the Qing dynasty, as a puppet figure in Japanese occupied Manchukuo, his capture by the Soviet Union, his return to China as a war criminal, and finally after his status was restored to that of a regular citizen.

More stills below the cut.

Get any more carried away with that headdress and she’ll start looking like this.

Puyi was known for the wide range of change that happened during his life… such as signing the Forbidden City up for an episode of Pimp My Palace…

…and for going from emperor of China through abdication to puppet figure to war criminal/traitor and finally to an ordinary citizen…

He was also a notorious playboy… a real master at his game…

…putting the bow-chicka-wow-wow on all the ladies…

Which explains why he was quoted on saying about his first four marriages that “… they were not real wives and were only there for show…”

Sorry for the downer, Puyi, but there was no pizza delivery service back then either.

Reasons why I avoid dramas set in this era… Costume designers suddenly realize they can use frills… O_O

Eunuch Li Lianying, come carry out my imperial decree.  I hereby sentence the entire costume department to 20 years in a  Chinese costume-making sweat shop for defiling my eyes with such vulgar displays!!


14 thoughts on “The Legend of the Last Emperor releases new stills

    • It will be hard to compare with The Last Emperor. It was a epic. John Lone and Joan Chen were very good in the movie. It is one of my all time favourites, along with Joy Luck Club and Eat Drink Man Woman.

        • The production company is Great Wall, which is kind of on my blacklist of companies to avoid at all times. Their productions so far have included The Secret History of Wu Zetian, the Secret History of Princess Taiping, and the Heroes of Sui-Tang (the infinitely inferior version). Basically, it’ll be very, very long, boring, and lack any production merits.

          • It was a very messy and sad point in history so not many of the stories that come from it have endings that we can apply concepts like happiness, righteousness, etc. to…

            • I really don’t care through what he have passed in his life. But being an emperor and saying something like” I don’t care how many citizens they (Japanese) kill, just let me be the emperor!”. He definitely doesn’t worth any sympathy.

              • I’m not trying to defend him. I certainly agree that some of his actions were just bad and stupid. However, I personally feel that understanding the factors that led to such decisions are important towards preventing such things from happening again. Given how history runs, people may face similar choices in the future. In order prevent bad choices, some sympathy and understanding of the background to these choices is required. In my opinion, sympathy and understanding is not necessarily always bad but like many things, it depends on how you use it. We need to understand why some people thrown in these situations can handle it well and successfully while others just end up digging the hole deeper.

          • He was lucky to lived till old aged and not executed earlier. My great granddad was a magistrate in China but during Cultural revolution, he secretly sent my grandma away. After that he and families was executed in public by shooting. I think Puyi was fortunately to be given another chance in life towards his old aged.

            • This is one of the major reasons I generally avoid dramas set in the late Qing period and forward. I honestly don’t feel enough time has passed to look at these time periods objectively or to have room for “creativity.” There’s still people alive who experienced stuff, nationalisms, politics, finger pointing, etc. in this already messy time period. Too much that can set people off and a lot on your plate if you want to make something that can appeal to everybody. There’s always the danger of turning up a $#:+storm of mud flinging and nobody looks good in the end. The worst part is that this all kinda has ties to some of the unrest we see in the “hua ren” world now so there’s that around the corner too.

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