Liu Shishi in Cambodia for Voyage


Actress Liu Shishi does a photoshoot for Voyage in Cambodia.  Although the photoshoot itself isn’t special, I think it’s one of Liu Shishi’s personal best in terms of how gorgeous yet natural she looks, especially in the first photo below the cut.  Tangren make-up artists and lighting should take notice.

Also, I’m super jealous of her because now she’s gone to two out of the  three places I want to go to the most outside of China – Egypt and Cambodia.

13 thoughts on “Liu Shishi in Cambodia for Voyage

  1. i honestly don’t know who she is, but i’m a sucker for people who just look so natural in their surroundings and the photos are just lovely and so is she. she looks quite simply beautiful here. and there are so many countries i would love to visit outside of the US. so many places. lol thanks for sharing!

      • oh no, i’m not offended. i’m not really fond of most cdramas and twdramas only because i have a hard time staying interested because of the number of episodes and how long per episode. so i usually option for films, but i have a hard time getting into these because of lack of english translations. ^^” i’m just not that well informed is all. and i’ve looked her up and i haven’t seen any of her works, sadly.

        i’m trying to get pass my prejudices against long dramas and the likes, but can’t seem to do so at the moment. but i do know of other actors and actresses though, although they are usually taiwanese, but trying to learn of the mainlanders though. ^^”

        sorry if that was long and my words are bleh. ^^”

        • Thanks for taking time to answer my question. Liu Shishi is not a movie star but one of the more popular CDrama actress. She is the girlfriend of Nicky Wu. I have not watched her movies, I am not sure she stared in any. But I do enjoy her dramas. I am lucky, I understand Mandarin thus have no need for translations. I do for Kdramas and Jdramas. I guess you prefer short dramas like the Jdrams.

          • honestly, yes i really do prefer Jdramas because of their lengths. lol and i recently learned of Nicky Wu, too, but haven’t really looked into anything of his, so thanks for sharing that information. =] and i’ll try to watch a drama or movie of hers and see how she is like. i don’t mind doing such things as i find overseas dramas and movies more appealing compare to the american ones… unless it depends on teh content. lol thanks and you’re wecome. =]

  2. Ooh that is pretty, second to last is my favourite, it looks like they really made an effort to immerse the location into the photoshoot.

  3. She is a very attractive woman. She is a very feminine and gentle spirit. Nicky Wu is very lucky to be dating her. The Country I love to visit is China. After watching A bite of China and Dad, Where are We Going. I am very interested to visit some of the recommended locations. Maybe Cfensi members can meetup in China one day…

    • absolutely agree .. she is very pleasant to my eyes and one of my favo C actress ! And yes, I love China very much ..esp Beijing !

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