Dad 2 starts airing!

Lu Yi

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Do you like National Geographic but with cute kids in the scene? A Bite of China but with hotter chefs? Where are we going? Dad season 2 has it covered!

So far, I’ve already fallen for Duoduo from the trailers alone, and episode one only confirmed it. As the oldest, she acts really assertive and cool, but seems super nice and sweet on the inside. Bei’er is also a little angel, scared to see others being hurt, but although willing to help everyone and to share. Yang Yangyang is as shy as usual, and is especially cute when he was so happy to see Feymann come to visit, but then went Pokerface as soon as Feymann actually showed up. I keep getting Feymann and Joe confused …

Also, who would’ve thought the pretty boy Lu Yi was the jokester of the group?

What are your favorite moments of episode 1?

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  1. Love Francis Ng! Some may think he’s arrogant but he IS past the half century mark and the oldest father there by a good 10 years (the equivalent of Sung Dong Il who’s not even that much more senior). He’s honest and knows when to be strict. He scolds Feynman but always substantiates it with a valid reason. Then the softie dad side of him will emerge. <3 Like this father more than I do the son. :p

    For the kids, Duoduo and Yangyang are sooooooo cute!!! Duoduo is matured for her age and doesn't throw tantrums and cry unnecessarily, always looking after the kids and even tries to reason with them. Yangyang is the strong silent type. Well-behaved and so smitten with Duoduo. Heehee.

  2. Brace yourselves. This is gonna be a long asssk paragraph.

    I love them sooooo much. I feel emotionally connected to them (and the kids in first season) because I understand how some of them parent (I have Chinese parents ><). Francis really reminds me of Shi Tou's dad. The parenting, the strictness and everything. But you can see as the series goes on with Shi Tou and his dad, there relationship really does develop (esp after the honesty interview thing). I think Francis just wants his son to be the best he can be and sometimes tough love is the way. Feynman is so responsible and independent. He carried the suitcases down the mountain with hardly any complaints. Francis does know when to be a loving dad. For example, when Feynman cries; Francis would immediately carry him and say 'Daddy loves you'. When Feynman cried during dinner, I don't think it was because he wanted to watch TV, i think he missed his mum (i think you esp miss your mum during dinner because, you normally eat your mum's dinner etc.) He was trying to be brave. I remember I used to watch Francis' dramas, lucky I know Canton. So if they speak canton, I'd understand heheh

    YYY (my bae) is so shy omg. Him and his dad are quite alike, they act like each other lol Oh and who could resist those pouts he does when he is angry *dies of cuteness overload* He speaks like an adult for a 5 yr old, like when they went to house 1 and he just sat down and put his leg up and said 'this house is not bad'. I noticed he is a person that follows role models. Like when they were playing football, and he saw Feynman' determination with the ball (I nearly cried at Feynman's determination), he just kind of stood up with passion and started playing. I was like: 'Whoah!' He's gonna be such a good child when he's older. And who could forget the moment when he flashed to us? I love how he just lifted up the duvet and BAM. He juts needs to know that people can't always approach him , he needs to go to mother people as well. But I don't blame him, it's their first day and he probs never acc met those kids. I liked him since I watched Happy Camp, he'll always be my babe.

    Gary, Gary, Gary… tut tut tut. All I have got to say is he has got his hands FULL. Grace and Joe are such cuties. Duo Duo is so pretty with her hair up, I want the mountain house. Bei'Er really reminds me of Angela heheh ALL SUCH CUTIE BEARS

  3. Hahahaha, we’re already seeing lots of ships. Episode one was mostly Bei’er-Duoduo and Feynman-YYY ships, but it seems like n-angles have already developed…
    On Happy Camp, YYY said when he grows up, he wants to earn millions and buy pretty dresses for Duoduo. Joe said he wants to marry Duoduo when he grows up… Bei’er was complaining that Feynman always puts baskets on her head and tricking her.

  4. Francis is infamous in Hong Kong for his temper. I think he is currently the most interest character in this experience. The others will shine soon, I am sure. I like to add, in the last series, apart from Zhang liang, the fathers could not cook well. But in this series, all the dad are comfortable cooks. Some of them must had crush course on cooking!
    Yang Yangyang is very cute. I think he has inherited the competitive spirit his dad has. Losing upsets him. Which children will shine? Last series the children shine from day one. It is interesting who will be very popular in this series.
    On the other hand, China has such beautiful locations. I am very keen to take my son for a trip there and survive on bare essentials.

  5. Lol loved the narration for the first episode – especially the Bite of China part. The comments on Francis seem very polarised, people seem to either hate him for his arrogance and use of English or thinks he’s a great dad that is strict on Feyman so he can grow better.

    Also mud soccer looks so fun!

  6. That gif and caption at the beginning of the post, though. I am still laughing.
    Currently love Yang Yangyang, Duoduo, and Bei’er. They’re all so sweet and adorable.
    I really don’t like Francis Ng, because he seems so arrogant. Like when he didn’t seem to know what the show was about, or when he refused to use the mules or to get help from anyone. He’s so strict to Feynman, and has unrealistic expectations of him. I also hate that he keeps bringing up the “girl” thing. It’s like he’s compounding the teasing rather than solving it. But I do agree with hohliu–I’m hoping the whole experience will make their relationship better.
    Is it just me, or does Bei’er look like Wu Chun’s daughter Neinei?

  7. I really dont think this experience is not suitable for kids too young, if they wait a year or two, it will be more suitable. I am keen to watch the relationship development of Feynman and Francis Ng. They do not bond well at the start, I am sure this drama will bring them together as it did for Stone and his dad in season 1.

    • Francis Ng seems really strict. In the show, he keeps telling Feynman if he does this-and-this, he won’t be called a baby girl any more. It sounds like Feynman was being bullied by some other kids back home. :(

      • Did you watch the part where Francis was asked why did he not use the washing machine instead of hand washing his dirty clothes? His reply was very considerate.
        Mud football does look very difficult. England is out of World Cup now. I think the English players should learn to practice in muddy grounds. That will improve their stimulate.

  8. I watched the first episode, LOVE Yang Yang Yang, he’s so adorable and Feynman is quite a playful boy, I don’t think he resembles Joe at all though, his facial features are more distinct but Joe is cute too. Duo Duo is a sweetheart and I love her dad, Huang Lei seems like a nice guy and Lu Yi too.

    I actually like the kids of season 2 more than season 1 as they seem to be more 懂事 than when the kids of season 1 first came, with the exception of Grace but that’s because she’s really young. The soccer match is so funny, I almost died laughing, haha! They even used “A Bite of China” style of narration for the cookings,

    • I can always tell when it’s Feynman, but sometimes when it’s Joe, I think it’s Feynman at first …
      I like how they started with National Geographic, moved on to the World Cup, and then ended up with A Bite of China… My favorite was when they were asked to make their kids favorite dinner, and Lu Yi said “Great! Because my kid doesn’t like dinner.” Also when he was making bamboo shoots and completely peeled it away to nothing…

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