TV Round-up: Internet series special


That awkward time when a low-budget Internet series like Death Notify has a better poster and script than you.

This post features a string of fairly well-rated Internet series that are obviously written by males… Is it just me or are Internet series much more sexist than normal ones, or is the sexism just more blunt?

  • Superpower comedy  Girl in Icebox 冰箱少女 begun streaming  on QQ and features Guo Xiaoting (potato girl from CP3) as a girl with a super brain found by Wang Chuanjun. The two discover more people with superpowers, attend  Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, battle against evil, and probably fall in love.
  • Suspense comedy Death Notify: The Darker 暗黑者 is yet another QQ series from the team of comedy Longmen Express 龙门镖局 . Blunt humor combined with decent logic (it was based off a book), if low production values.
  • The Making of a Villain 谢文东/坏蛋是怎样炼成的 is yet another Internet series with a cult following. I heard good reviews about this, as well, if you ignore the anachronistic setting (Republican, but everyone acts as if they live now).
  • Finally, the team of Never Ever Expected brings you High-Tech Girl : Meow~  高科技少女喵, where the Boss from Yes, Boss! finds a girl robot named Meow that his future self had built.

Currently airing dramas

  • Incisive Great Teacher (Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi, GuiGui, Ye Zuxin, Zhang Zehan) – hohliu says its funny and recommends it. I couldn’t get past GuiGui and Nicky Wu’s conversation in episode 1.
  • Allure Snow 倾城雪/美人如画 (Dong Jie, Du Chun, Zhang Jiani) finally aired on satellite and is now available in HD.  The series, filmed over two years ago, was a pioneer in the use of aoqun’s, the most popular Ming-dynasty style.  You can see it improved upon in currently-filming series The Imperial Doctress.
  • Seeing the Red Army Off 十送红军 (Luo Jin, Wan Qian, etc.) has the highest viewership ratings of all currently airing dramas.  I’ve heard good reviews about it, but have yet to watch it.

Variety/Reality TV

  • Academy Award-winning musician Tan Dun brings his world of music to last week’s  TianTianXiangShang. Learn about the only female writing in the world and the music of rock, paper, and scissors water.
  • Perhaps Love 如果爱 is one of the most awkward celebrity dating shows ever, partly because most of the guys on it aren’t straight but it’s a heterosexual dating show.  The guests so far are Sun Jian,  Miss A’s Fei, 2PM’s Chansung with Nickhun as a guest, Liu Yan, Zhang Li, and Sunny Wang.   Episode one ended with a MV shipping Sun Jian and Sunny Wang.
  • Divas on the Road  花儿与少年 continues to show how eeMedia can somehow make everything except for their TV series an intense drama. With multiple love lines, conflicts all around, and the break-up of Zhang Han-Zheng Shuang before the finale (which featured Zhang Han reminiscing about Zheng Shuang), it’s a show not to be missed

14 thoughts on “TV Round-up: Internet series special

  1. I watched a few episodes of The Darker, It’s more enjoyable and decent than my expectation, the cinematography is great too! The characters were a bit annoying at first but I’m getting used to them and find them more tolerable.

  2. I am just pulling my hair out of boredom. There is no Cdrama currently I follow after Incisive Great Teacher. GuiGui was quite a annoying character when she starts the” You are rich and I am poor mouse” strapline.
    Kdrama has been so disappointing too. Thank you for the round up. The internet series special looks interesting. It is good to watch drama that is non conventional sometimes. Do you watch JDrama? The drama”Borders” is on such series. The ending of the story catch you off guard.

    • I’ve been rewatching a lot of dramas lately – 戏点鸳鸯(because it was reairing on TV and Han Dong-Zhou Fang is my favorite ship in recent dramas), 少年包青天2+3 (because of Lu Yi-Ren Quan, but then I remembered I liked 3 better),新神探联盟 (I missed Wang Kai after seeing the Nirvana in Fire trailer), Sherlock (since I was on a detective run), and parts of Gong and BBJX (after our debate about Gong vs BBJX).

      I wish Hunan TV would realize that if they want weekly series to succeed, they need to make them more tightly-packed like jdramas instead of the long, slow stuff they’ve been having. I just looked up Borders and it looks interesting. I’ll add it to my list.

      • A couple episodes of Young Detective Di Renjie ended up on youtube today so I guess I’ll be making my way through that…

        • I found the Torrent for 少年神探狄仁杰 today too. Was super excited about it. I will be watching that now. Love Young Justice Bao too, a good detective drama will always be popular.
          戏点鸳鸯 is one of my favourite, I watched it about 4 times. The couple has good chemistry together. Their strength and weakness compliments each other.
          Borders is a definitely one of the best Jdrama this year. (I am bias as I followed the male lead since his first drama).

          • 戏点鸳鸯 is so underrated! Did you know that a lot of the ultra cuteness is added by leads themselves? For example, Zhou Fang and Han Dong were the ones who came up with the idea of using a string to measure her and all the cute expressions and eye movements.

            • I guess it is hard for a drama to stand out if it is not Tangren or Yu Zheng production. I love the bit on the measurements too. That drama has good and strong cast. I love a good gem of a drama.
              Don’t you think China does produce some very good period dramas? Their pre/post war dramas are very good too. I cannot remember a very good modern drama that stands out at the top of my head now.

              • I guess it depends in what you mean by good. I really like SOP Queen as an idol drama, and have watched it several times. I also liked My Youth with Wang Luodan and Lu Yi and have seen it twice, although not recently. There’s also 士兵突击, which is a classic for many.

  3. That awkward moment when a low-budget internet serie has a better production value, better script, better CGi, better camera work, better originality than any high-budget tv series…
    It’s just me or SARFT don’t control internet series like how they do with the tv ones? That give to internet series more space for creativity.

    • It’s not just you. For one, a number of those series have a lot of awkward (and super fake) sex scenes that I don’t think would’ve been approved for general audiences on TV.

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