Princess of Orchid Hills trailer is as pretty as the stills

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Even if his prettiness isn’t enough to draw our attention away from the girls’ costumes, I figured Andy Chen deserves a chance at above the cut since he is the lead.

The gorgeously-costumed The Princess of Orchid Hills 兰陵皇妃 finally released a trailer. It’s obvious even from the trailer that Peng Guanying‘s acting pwns that of the other three leads –  Zhang Hanyun, Andy Chen Yi, and Theresa Fu – but I’ll be happy to just watch the series for how pretty everything (including the leads) looks. Also, you might want to turn off the sound because the narrator makes it sound like a horror film.

20 thoughts on “Princess of Orchid Hills trailer is as pretty as the stills

    • It’s not related. It’s kind of like Gong vs BBJX. Not the same at all, just set in the same time with the same historical figures (this time Lanling Wang and Yuwen Yong) This series was based off a book published prior to the Prince of Lanling.

      I know of at least one other book about LanlingWang that is in pre-production stages.

      • Well… hot royalty warrior guy who has to hide his beauty behind a mask does make a very… err… irresistible sell to the drama audiences…

        • Haha, I remember back when we had the forum complaining about why they can’t branch out and make a drama about LanlingWang… and now there are a bunch, none of which so far has a decent plot.

          • Well… I guess if we were asking for profit-driven exploitation of the drama masses to take advantage of a particular opportunity… we got it… -_-;;

  1. Everything is really pretty and pretty serious… until that face smack + the sound at 1:42. I don’t even know why but i found it so funny LOL.

  2. Aahahahaah The narration’s pretty creepy XD
    Glad to see the costumes in motion aren’t that bad. And hurra for all the prettiness!
    So who is the lead? YuWen Yong or LanLingWang? I need to know in advance so I’d not ship the wrong CP XD

    • OMG… she should just stop… on the narration… I know she’s trying to make it sound exciting but… XD

      Glad to see that they’re making good use of the film city at Wuxi though… dramas filmed there tend to be… erm… lacking in comparison to those filmed at Hengdian .. at least based on what I have noticed lately… so it’s nice to see another good period filming location having good use made out of it. :)

      • Well I know in the book the male leads is YuWen Yong, and the ending is not even happy. And pretty much also in the drama she would be with him since she is his empress.
        But I’m a little confused by the drama’s title 兰陵王妃 instead of 皇 of the book. And all this attention the promotion is givin to lanlingwang. it’s pretty deceiving.

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