Jolin Tsai sings for Tiny Times 3.0


“I see the future, the blooming of a ten thousand flowers. ” – Jolin Tsai’s lyrics and my dream for Chinese entertainment.

Thanks to the addition of Vivian Dawson, Tiny Times 3.0  got a new theme song from Jolin Tsai.   The song, Kaleidoscope 万花瞳, is blocked on YouTube, but you can watch the MV on LeTV here.   What do you think? How does it compare to previous theme songs by  Sodagreen and Yu Kewei?

More stills featuring Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Bea Hayden, Xie Yilin, and Lee Hyunjae below the cut.

Tour bus

4 thoughts on “Jolin Tsai sings for Tiny Times 3.0

  1. I was interested in the movie because of Sodagreen’s MV, the song and MV are so breathtaking that I had a different expectation towards the movie. Which may be the reason for my utter disappointment in the movie. The melody and the beat of Jolin’s song is pretty youthful and energetic but I don’t like her vocals :p so I prefer Sodagreen’s theme song.

  2. Wooo you are so fast!
    Mayday? Wasn’t Sodagreen?
    Anyway this song is different from the previous ones. I don’t like it much but I enjoyed the MV with movie sequences.

    • Oops, I was just listening to Mayday’s new album when I wrote it. Thanks for catching me.
      I actually haven’t seen it yet.I wrote the post in anticipation for the MV before, but only has internet via my phone right now, so I just added the link but will probably wait until Internet to see it. I hope it’s good.

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