The Lady & The Liar brings together love rivals


Self-claimed “love rivals (for Yang Mi)” Tang Yan and Hawick Lau join Yang Rong and Tony Yang for switcheroo Republican series The Lady & The Liar. A set of film-qualitied posters, some of the best I’ve seen recently for a drama outside of eeMedia, were released recently for the Shanghai TV Festival. A trailer also exists, but is not yet released to the public.

Tang Yan had just finished  busy filming Republican series Butterfly Fragrance opposite Li Yifeng and is set to star opposite Wallace Chung in 何以笙箫默.  Hawick Lau is filming yet another Republican series, The Cage of Love with Zheng Shuang.


13 thoughts on “The Lady & The Liar brings together love rivals

    • These are really one of the loveliest posters out of the recent c-dramas. I love the use of typography and the use of dark, dreamy colors with the vintage buildings blended at the back. It somehow reminds me of the sherlock holmes movie posters, haha!

  1. It must be a big risk to film any dramas. If the dramas are not bought, the cost to produce the drama will be a waste. I noticed a number of good dramas sitting on the backburner and not telecast. I gather the producing company will do lots of marketing to generate interest for the drama before the main Channels will consider buying the drama. The main Channels do not want to telecast any drama without strong public demand.
    In Korea, they film about 20% of the drama and then pitch it to the broadcasting companies to sell the drama. Until it is confirmed, and they have the air time which is usually within two- three months, than they start filming. Thus current Korean dramas are film ad hoc each week. It may save on cost but real time filming compromise on acting, editing and production quality. Thus I think this practice will eventually do more harm to the Korean drama industry.
    I hope Lady and the Liar will bought soon. I love watch Tang Yan’s drama. I am not sure the lead actor is the best person selected for this role. But I can only decide after the drama is telecast.

    • The roles played by both leads in this are the roles they’re most often seen in – Hawick Lau as the cold-hearted but childish big bad boss, and Tang Yan as the naive and sweet innocent. It seems like it’s the two’s favorite roles respectively since it’s also exactly the type of roles they gave themselves in their self-productions.

      In the U.S., they usually film a pilot, and then if it’s good, they’ll continue. This is what they used to back in the days in China, too, but it has then shifted to this modern method. However, Hunan TV is currently experimenting with the filming-as-you-go thing along with weekly shows. Journey of Sing&War still filming when it begun broadcasting. Unfortunately, the script for it was terrible…. I believe the latest series with Zhang Han and GuiGui will also do the same.

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