Leading females gather for “Ancient Sword”


Seven leading females in one drama? Yes, please!

Ancient Sword must have one of the most incredible female casts in a while, with at least seven of them being regular drama leads by themselves.  The series boasts a cast of Yang Mi, Zheng Shuang, Gillian Chung, Zhang Meng, Li XiaoluChen Zihan,Dilireba, Zhang Na, Wang Yimiao, and Qi Wei.

I can’t believe we never posted character posters for this, but as the series is scheduled to air in July, be prepared for a lot of photo spam. Female character posters below the cut.

Yang Mi as lead Qingxue, a priestess-in-training looking for her brother in the human world.

Zheng Shuang as XiangLing, a cute fox spirit who Ma Tianyu falls for.

Gillian plays Princess YiFang, Qiao Zhenyu’s wife

Chen Zihan\

Chen Zihan plays Hongyu, a fiesty sword spirit that accompanies the group

Zhang Meng plays Ma Tianyu’s forceful sister.

Li Xiaolu plays Li Yifeng’s mother.

Dilireba plays Fusang, the female head of Li Yifeng’s cult.

Zhang Na plays Ma Tianyu’s lover and then wife in his two lifetimes.

Qi Wei plays Ma Tianyu’s wife  in his previous life.

17 thoughts on “Leading females gather for “Ancient Sword”

  1. I wasn’t interested it in this when I saw the first trailer, but with more info on the series, its starting to grow on me. Heh Ma tian yu is paired up with so many ladies. Good for him!

  2. I love the video game, the hero is my favorite video game hero, he’s soooo calm, quiet and strong, different from most plucky heros in chinese video games, example Xiao-Yao or the character from Paladin 3. I dislike most of the cast but I think they’re pretty spot on with Zheng Shuang and Ma Tian Yu, they’re totally like their characters. As much as I’m fond of Li Yi Feng, I don’t think he fits the hero’s character and as for Yang Mi, le sigh………

  3. China does have very attractive actress. They may need improvements in their acting in some areas but they are such eye candy. I prefer female Chinese beauty to Korean female beauty. Saying that I prefer the good looks and built/height of Korean male actors to Chinese male actors.

    • Maybe? I presume Angela Chang has more than one friend …
      Gillian Chung is the other Twins member? I’m especially surprised she took the role because at least Zhang Meng and Qi Wei are more like “episode” guest stars, whereas she appears throughout (kind of like Tang Yan in CP3)… Yet she’s imo a bigger star than all the other females except for Yang Mi.

      • Gillian Chung’s stardom fall a lot beacuse of that scandal she got involved. She disappeared and just returned in these years.
        She accepts some other dramas as support character. I think she’s trying to restart.

      • yeah they just released a song together. I don’t think Gillian has been in any big projects since her scandal. I know she was a lead in Holy Pearl?

        • I just looked her up, and it looks like you guys are right, she hasn’t had many good roles since the scandal. There was the one series with Nicholas Tse and Holy Pearl, but I don’t think neither made much of a splash.

          • Hey guys, I;ve seen Gillian in a movie called the fox lover with Jullian cheung, she was the lead there. She was also the lead in Thunder Angel with Benny Chan, I actually like that series hehe. And she i also the lead in this God Wealth series with Sammul Chan, I’ve seen it floating around on youtube, but never got a chance to dig my claw into it yet.

    • Everyone but Yang Mi (thank goodness, because her video game outfit is really wacko) is pretty much wearing the video game replicas. THe series actually got a lot of praise for the closeness of the costumes to the originals.

      • They are pretty close to the video game characters if you take the time to dig them up…

        Most video game costumes do tend to be… well… more creative… so you have to throw your historical costume accuracy out the window… I mean they could have always upped the video game accuracy and added mini-skirts, leggings, and cleavage-showing tops… XD

        • These costumes just look cheap. If they use better quality material and follow the video game design even more accurately, the final result would be fantastic and creative. Just look at some well done cosplays.

          • Agree….they look like costumes from a Halloween costume store. Not everything in drawing transition well to real life. In this case, the patterns on the clothes look really bad and they especially do not go well together.

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