Seven Friends actually airs

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It was either this photo or  them actually cosplaying the rainbow.   And you thought the costumes to Fu Xinbo’s  Ban Shu Legend was colorful.

Hey look, we’re actually posting on a drama that actually aired!!!! And here we were thinking dramas we post on only air  the day after Yu Zheng and Tangren become bff’s.

Modern idol series Seven Friends 七个朋友 stars Fu Xinbo, AK’s Andy Chen Yi and Kris Shen Jiatong, Kirsten Ren (Selina’s sister), Liu Xin (the Super Girl), and Theresa Fu, and recently finished airing on CTV.

Opening sung by the septet composed by Liu Xin below the cut, and the full series (minus first two eps) here.

Some rambling:

So Kirsten Ren is a really awkward actress, and it doesn’t help that the lead is the most Mother Mary of Mary Sue’s . Luckily, Liu Xin’s role is really likable and surprisingly natural, and it turns out that Fu Xinbo actually might not completely flunk as an actor, which is good because he’ll be starring as a trio of cousins with Zhang Liang and Park Park Hae-jin soon in Gang of Men 男人帮 2. Andy Chen was a bit disappointing and worse than I remembered.  Theresa Fu is really pretty, and Kris works the awkward friend act.    Overall, it’s an okay watch if you’re bored or want eye candy.



8 thoughts on “Seven Friends actually airs

  1. Kirsten Ren improved quite a lot in In A Good Way, 7 friends was shoot prior to IAGW so I can guess how greennn her acting is at that time. Not too excited for the collaboration dramas between China and Taiwan, past records have proved that the result is not so great.

  2. this doesn’t seem… too bad. lol but the opening song doesn’t give me much except seeing the characters. lol anyways, any possibilities that it will have eng subs? or am i just stuck with the original for now? thanks!

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