Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming for Elle

(Warning: fangirling ahead!) By all means, the cover page could have been the top picture for this post – but Huang Xiaoming’s jaw looked too good here to pass up.

Fan Bingbing has so many newprojects coming out that I’m not sure where to start – though you might want to know that “Master Fan” is more than a dolled up consort in her upcoming drama Wu Zetian (she looks very nice in armor here). Her upcoming movies include Yang Guifei, another project set in the Tang dynasty, as well as Lady in the Portrait, a film about a woman in a Qing-dynasty palace. She’ll also play the mysterious mermaid in the East-West collaboration The Moon and the Sun. Bingbing will also be the title character in the film The White Witch of Lunar Kingdom…where she co-stars with Huang Xiaoming, the other member of this photoshoot.

He’s been keeping busy too. You may be looking forward to his new Republican-era drama with Joe Cheng, Cruel Romance. He also has a movie collaboration with Zhou Xun, Women Who Know How to Flirt Live the Best Life 撒娇的女人最好命.

6 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming for Elle

  1. really nice photoshoot. they both look stunning and gorgeous in here. gives off that… sophisticated yet… i don’t know, mystery detective old movie film. lol

  2. *droooooool*

    Photoshoots like these always make me thankful that I don’t live in China/Taiwan, because I would totally go broke buying magazines. e_____e

    • :( I’m in China right now (and Cfensi is the only wordpress website I can load. I’m suspecting preferential treatment :P Or hoping for it?) Went to a bookstore and saw rows of magazines. I don’t think I’ve been doing my job well, there were a ton of covers with photoshoots I haven’t seen before…! ^^;

      • How expensive are magazines in China? You should buy some of the more unique ones (or at least the ones with your favs?) and do an “exclusive.” xD

        And yay for being able to access Cfensi!

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