Liu Yifei, Nicolas Cage star in The Outcast

(Possibly NSFW) …omg… after seeing this… I can’t…

Joining in the recent trend of Hollywood trying to cater to the Chinese masses for profit comes Outcast, starring Nicolas Cage, Liu Yifei, Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), Summer Jikejunyi (of The Voice of China fame), and Andy On.  The story seems pretty blandly cliche, centering on a fight for imperial succession between two brothers and a couple of Crusaders who happen to make it into China to help save the day and restore order to what seems like a conveniently vanilla Chinese dynasty.  Since this is a Chinese-French-Canadian co-production, I guess at least the release date of this production will be more stable.  In the meantime, it would seem that there are already plans for a sequel.  

More stills below the cut.

Because crusaders cut their hair in the trendy style that just happens to be popular right now…

Filming is done on location in Yunnan, where the story is set.

In school we learned about silk, gunpowder, porcelain, and China so of course there’s going to be dynamite.

I guess at least there will be Liu Yifei being herself to look at…

6 thoughts on “Liu Yifei, Nicolas Cage star in The Outcast

  1. I’m afraid to click on the link in the first caption… want to give a PG summary? :D

    Btw, Nicolas Cage doesn’t have an H in his first name. But +1 for referring to Hayden Christensen as “Anakin Skywalker.” ;)

    • Unfortunately… note sure about how to edit posts about the “H”…

      …but about the link for the first caption… if you’ve seen Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball that’s about as dirty as it gets… I just put up the NSFW for when she swings around in her birthday suit… but those 7 seconds are a bit hard to un-see… ;)

  2. She is not the best actress in China but she is certainly pretty. She has acted with Rain and a number of big international stars. Is she the next Zhang Ziyi? Maybe so, maybe not. I wonder.

    • If only she had the acting abilities … or at least took roles that required acting.
      One of the things that Fan Bingbing did and I really admire is that while she’s getting headlines for her fashion, she chose to do a number of artsy films that showed she’s not just a pretty face.
      Meanwhile, Liu Yifei has been stuck playing the flower vase in male-dominated movies (which it is, despite what the poster seems to imply). To be honest, I don’t really mind if they actually feature her as pretty and awesome (XLN), I wish she would pick more roles where at least she is the lead actress rather than just a supporting actress.

      • My favourited Chinese actress of all time is Gong Li. Fan Bingbing is probably the next must capable actress. Fan Bingbing is a very clever woman. She knows how to PR herself local and aboard. Thus she is one of the richest woman in the industry.

      • That and they HAD to put her together with Nicholas Cage… ugh….

        She can usually get by if there are a couple other people around to bring on the acting when she can’t but I really don’t know how this is going to work out… especially since Jikejunyi is a singer by trade so that possibly takes out three of the five people from shouldering the heat when it’s needed… >.<

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