Ban Shu Legend releases rainbow character stills


Jing Tian and Zhang Hanzhe both make their first drama lead appearances.

Despite getting into a dispute with both Tong Hua and Qiong Yao, Yu Zheng is never one to miss out on advertising, especially when everybody else is releasing pretty stills.  Character stills have been released for Ban Shu Legend, starring Jing Tian, Zhang Zhehan  as her love interest, real-life couple Li Sheng and Li Jiahang as siblings,  Fu Xinbo, Li Xin’ai, and Deng Sha.

Perhaps drawing on his own experiences of rejection at the hands of the public and industry personalities, Ban Shu Legend will follow as the titular Ban Shu (niece of Ban Zhao)become a teacher of the royal female academy set by the Empress Deng Sui (Li Sheng),  becomes embroiled in court politics, and eventually becomes maligned, choosing in the end to leave the Han dynasty and spread Han dynasty teachings throughout the world.

Either way, rainbow color-coded costumes below the cut.

To nobody’s surprise, Yu Zheng comes out of the closet about his childhood as an avid Sailor Moon fan.

Note: This post is best read with this playing in the background.

… and, yes, for those of you who don’t know, greenish-turquoise comes between yellow and blue.

If Danson Tang were here, Fu  Xinbo wouldn’t have had to play both twins.

He even got the right shade of violet for purple!!

Yu Zheng still can’t imagine why most of the men won’t be cooperative during costume fitting.

Li Sheng is clearly pissed that her costume does not permit her to join her female brethren in indulging in their Sailor fantasies.

And… introducing Zhang Hanzhe in his first lead role!



11 thoughts on “Ban Shu Legend releases rainbow character stills

  1. I do love a good period drama. And China have produced a number of very good quality period dramas in the recent years. Saying that, their modern dramas needs more work….

  2. Someone help me is BanShu a historical character or is just inspired by one like LuZhen?
    Pretty actors, pretty costumes like all YuZheng drama, hope will have an enjoyable story too without being a copy of other stories….

  3. I’m glad Yu Zheng’s costume designers are moving away from the blinding Korean color palettes, but the first photo and the overall male costumes make it look like they’re going for a Heian Period Japanese style…

    So the terrible person in me is slightly excited for promotions for this drama. I feel like it’ll be super awkward for Li Sheng and Li Jiahang. Not only will it be their first drama together since announcing they’re dating, but they’re also caught between Qiong Yao and Yu Zheng.

    • Yu Zheng was posting stills from this movie early on in production for this so I think he was definitely taking some inspiration from Japanese fashion… but then again, standard Japanese kimonos are very similar to zhiju and probably descended from zhiju and since this is Eastern Han, I guess zhiju should be okay?… *shrugs* I mean even some of the buildings for this dramas look kinda Japanese-ish… which kinda doesn’t make sense to me since I was under the impression that Japanese architecture was more influenced by Tang architecture…

      • None of Yu Zheng’s supposedly Chinese outfits are ever outright non-Chinese, it’s just certain elements are clearly borrowed. Like Lu Zhen’s color palette and huge braid hair is clearly inspired by Korean dramas. Here, Zhang Zhehan’s entire outfit in the first photo as well as the use of the stole-looking thing in the female dresses all look more Japanese than Chinese.

        The buildings are all in Hengdian and replicas of Chinese buildings, so I think they should be fairly accurate, if sometimes anachronistic.

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