“The Boss & Me” hopes to be comfort food for the mind

Zhang Han is not pleased. I wonder why.

Here in the U.S., Chinese food is often great comfort food, but until recently, most famous Chinese dramas have been anything but comforting, filled instead with intrigue and plotting.  Luckily, a number of major “comfort dramas”, filled with laughs and fluffy happiness, are hoping to change that.   Next in line is The Boss & Me 杉杉来吃 (Shanshan, Come and Eat) , adapted from the short novel by Gu Man about a girl who must face the difficult task of eating too much delicious food from her boss. The book is one of the most popular “ice cream” literature, a genre that’s pure cuteness and romance begun by Xijuan, whose books Zhao Liying’s adorable Lovebirds 戏/错点鸳鸯 series is based on.  Gu Man’s two other books, including 何以笙箫默 starring Tang Yan, Wallace Chung, are also in the works.

More stills of the leads Zhao Liying, Zhang Han, Huang Ming, Zhang Yang’guo’er, and Bai Keli below the cut.

Zhao Liying’s major dilemma in the story: There’s too much food given to her by her boss to eat.

The bracelet is from Zheng Shuang. :(

Zhang Han Zheng Shuang

How can you say no to this face?

30 thoughts on ““The Boss & Me” hopes to be comfort food for the mind

  1. this sounds interesting. not familiar with anyone mentioned except Zhang Han. lol but the girl, Zhao Liying is quite adorable, but she appears… like a teenage girl to me… lol but that’s just me though. hopefully some more stuff will be reveal for this. hopefully i’ll be able to catch up. i have a lot to catch up on and it doesn’t help that i don’t know Chinese either. sigh~ but i’m learning bit by bit. haha. i’m just glad to have Cfensi to refer to. :D

  2. The male lead doesn’t feel 腹黑 & commanding enough for me. Zhao Liying is pretty cute, but I always imagined Shan Shan to be a bit chubby… Gu Man’s one of my favorite authors; most of the time her work’s not too 虐人, easy & relaxing to read. 何以笙箫默 is so popular & well-liked that it’s hard to imagine anyone fulfill the main roles.

    • I can’t imagine anyone better than Zhao Liying to play it given her performance in Lovebirds. She’s got a chubby face, so I don’t think it’ll be hard to sell. Zhang Han’s a really good actor and has done really well portraying all his roles, so I don’t think he’ll be an issue. (again, like Tang Yan, I think his acting is underestimated because of the roles he plays).

      • There are currently no interesting Cdrama to watch. All my favorites have just ended. I cannot wait till a few of the dramas recommended in cfensi to start screening. I have just been watching repeats….

          • I just finished watch Prefect Couple, Incisive Great Teacher, 产科男医生, Battle of Changsha, 生活启示录. Currently, there are a number of dramas I think suits the audience in China but may not have international draw factor. But I can be very wrong as I base my opinion on the dramas found in Sohu.

  3. I think I’m the only one not satisfied of Wallace Chung and Tang Yan casting as the leads in 何以笙箫默 -_- I’m soo disappointed. Hope better for the movie version.

    • Why are you disappointed? There are both strong actors and very popular. I am just asking because I am curious, I have no intention to offend.

      • I think GuMan and hers 何以笙箫默 has already a solid fanbase and don’t really need popular actors like them to gain audience. For this kind of idol drama you just need to choose pretty young actors and give them good stylist to be successful. (Just look at tiny times, mostly of Kdrama and YuZheng’s drama).
        I’m disappointed for many reasons, they don’t fulfill my imagination XD.
        Wallace Chung is not my ideal actor for this role, he’s overrused, too old especially for their college time and not cool enough. He hasn’t the prettiness of an idol, not for me.
        As for Tang Yan… I think maybe my major dissapointment is for the male lead lol. She’s ok but there’s better choice for the role.
        I want to clarify, I like both actors especially Tang Yan so I’m not a hater….

        • Thanks for taking time to answer my curiosity. Now I understand. As I have not read the story of know anything about the story. I did not understand the disappointment. Since the story is about college theme, I fully agree with you in that Wallace Chung may not be the best actor for a young idol role.
          Both of them do make suitable drama about young professionals.

        • I actually feel the same about Wallace Chung. I’m kind of tired of seeing him (among with a few others who shall remain unnamed since I think Cfensi has a lot of htheir fans) because their acting to be honest has reached their limits and their looks are degenerating, yet people use them over and over again without giving young actors a chance.

          • Ha ha, I have an idea a few of them you mentioned….. Saying that I am guilty of being Wallace Huo’s fan.

          • LOL Even thought I’m a fan of some of those few unanamed actors I agree with you. I admit they’re getting old and not suitable for idol drama anymore.
            I have many things against YuZheng but at least he gives young actors a change and this is why his drama seems always so refreshing visually speaking, at least for me. Like his last work BanShuChuanQi. Tangren too.
            And I’m not so surprised they’re the most recognized producer.

            • I have never watched BanShuChuanQi before. Has that drama been aired as yet? I cannot even find a preview video.

              • It hasn’t come out yet even with a trailer, but Yu Zheng released character posters and stills lately. 0kuo0 will be posting about them soon. All three of the male leads are pretty young, especially the male lead Zhang Zhehan, who is only 23. He was in GIT before.

            • The thing that’s really great about having recognizable producers is that they can use young actors without having to worry about sales as much.
              I feel like Tangren’s been overusing the same actors a bit too much lately, though. If Liu Shishi wants to expand her career, she needs to start filming more good non-Tangren dramas. So far, all her non-Tangren gigs have been flops or minor roles. If Yuan Shanshan’s getting so many decent non-Yu Zheng offers, surely Liu Shishi must get even more, so I don’t know why she’s not doing any of them. Also, they seem to have forgotten about Jiang Jinfu and potato girl…

              • Liu Shishi has a collaboration with Ming Dao in Happiness of an Angel – 天使的幸福. I hope she will do well in this drama. But that was filmed in 2011. That was a while ago already.
                We keep seeing the same actors in the popular dramas. I do hope to see more new faces.Not just pretty boys, someone like Deng Chao or Yan Yikuan will be great too.

                • That drama doesn’t fit the “good non-Tangren drama” category. It’s pretty clear she spends most of the drama crying, which, unless her crying abilities has gotten worse in the past two years, she is actually not that great at doing based on BBJQ. …

                • And you don’t consider Yan YiKuan pretty??? LOL He is starred as a guest star in YuZheng’s ShenDiaoXiaLv, but seriously what he’s doing recently? O_o
                  Den Chao is more a movie star now, I don’t know if he still do drama. All his past dramas weren’t really my cup of tea (the only one I’ve watched was YiTianTuLongJi 2009)…but were all pretty popular.

                  • I personally consider Yan YiKuan handsome and manly. Not a pretty boy at all. I dont think he is doing much lately, unfortunately. He may not be a versatile actor but he is good at the roles that suits him. The dramas he acted in does portray a man with complex personality. Thus not easy and light hearted dramas.
                    I like Deng Chao in Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre.

                    • Yan Kuan was considered one of the four underrated beauties back in the day. He’s done a lot of buffing up + tanning to play more tough roles. I kind of feel bad for him because he turned down Feng Shaofeng’s role in Gong because he wanted to do more “serious roles”, little did he know that it was exactly Gong that landed Feng Shaofeng into a string of really good, serious roles.

              • Correct me if I’m wrong. YuZheng became famous thanks to MeiRenXinJi and Gong. At that time LinXinRu was the only famous actress in MRXJ. The male lead was a TVB actor, not so recognized in mailand china.
                As for YangMi and FengSaoFeng they became famous thanks to Gong. So even before YuZheng didn’t really used A list actors so often.
                As for Tangren like you have said recently they seem to overused some actors too much. They used to invest in young actors more when they were less recognized.
                As for Jiang JinFu well, he’s just unlucky that CP5 dropped. But rumors give him as the lead in the TangRen next project: the drama version of Qin’s Moon. I hope with all heart it’s fake cause I’m not a big fan of him. Hope TangRen will introduce new faces.
                What I want to say after this is I don’t think the success of a drama is determined by how many A list actors you cast in it (ok is important to mitigate the risk). But more by how a role fit an actor and the quality of the production as a whole.

                • I think a lot of producers don’t have the confidence to pull it off. The only successful series with both leads being new are Meteor Shower, iPartment and the 麻辣女兵 series, and the last one was only successful in ratings.
                  Yang Mi had already gained considerable popularity for Return of the Condor Heroes and CP3 at the time.

                  But my complaints aren’t really A-list actors, but B-list actors. Like Yang Mi I would now consider A-list, and that’s okay if everyone wants her because she’s proven that even the most crappy films with her in it actually sells (her horror movies, and the one with Hawick Lau). But the problem is when B-list or even C-list people who aren’t popular enough to guarantee ratings by themselves are cast just because they’re kind of famous. And if everyone else is doing the same thing, the audience just gets tired of those people, and imo it’s better to just cast a fresh face.

    • I think a lot of people were disappointed, especially with Tang Yan. I feel like people underestimate Tang Yan, though. He acting is better than what her Mary Sue roles entail, and she can work the young college student look.

      • I was not a big Tang Yan fan when I first started watching her dramas. But I have since grow to like her. She is a good actress and she was very good in Prefect Couple.

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