Zheng Shuang’s back! (and single)

Zheng Shuang

There’s something about Zheng Shuang (is it her honesty?) that no matter what she does or how much they bash her dramas or films, everyone still likes her.

Two things always come to mind about Zheng Shuang : she cannot lie, and she was willing to donate her bone marrow to a stranger without any second thoughts. After four years of almost filming nothing except for an occasional role with Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang is returning with new looks, new perspectives, three new dramas, and even a new restaurant.

“Happiness should be fought for by yourself. You can’t just get it by waiting at home for someone else,” said Zheng Shuang. “I think that both girls and boys should have their own career.”    She’s already filmed three dramas since her return, including a Ancient Sword, Beauty’s Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 with Ma Tianyu, and The Cage of Love.  That’s the same number of leading dramas as she’s done in the past five years.

After being bombarded by reporters with all sorts of loaded questions at press conferences for her two new dramas, Zheng Shuang finally admitted that she broke up with Zhang Han.  

Zheng Shuang admitted that during since dating 3 or 4 years ago, she had once thought of only marrying Zhang Han, and rejected all roles that included even hugging. However, not working has made her feel more distanced from him and more self-conscious, which was the reason for her decision of surgery (btw, she said she got a nose job but has since then removed it with the accompaniment of Zhang Han) and the eventual announcement of the break-up.

She rejected any rumors of Zhang Han cheating, and said that Zhang Han had always been very faithful, and is “a man to be depended upon.” In response to one question, she said she wouldn’t object to working with him again.

As the new father of a baby girl, Hawick Lau gets thumbs down for not helping Zheng Shuang at all during either interviews with him even though she had obviously become flustered. Ma Tianyu was the only one of the three who said anything to stop the questions.

Zhang Han is currently filming  a modern series  with GuiGui  in Xiamen. Most recently, he had weibo’ed the following.

No matter what our relationship is, I still only love my Little Fairy (his nickname for her).

In a recent interview, Liu Tao had indicated that Zhang Han told her he really loves Zheng Shuang and now really wants to get married.  Zheng Shuang said yesterday she didn’t know what she would do if Zhang Han tried to woo her back. She told Sohu that she has yet to watch Divas on the Go because she heard it was shipping Zhang Han with other people. You can watch her previous interview here.

So we usually don’t really post break-up/divorce stuff, but I imagine there’ll be a lot of questions about what’s up with them, and I’ve always been a fan of both actors. I think a lot of us thought she would be a big movie star after Painted Mural came out, and I certainly was sad to see her drop off the radar.

I’m just really happy that she’s filming again, although I hope Zhang Han eventually succeeds, conditional on Zheng Shuang having a career. At least for the time being, she seems to be planning a permanent stay in Hengdian, the filming location for most period dramas, as she has opened a restaurant there run by her parents. Most people anticipate that her and Ma Tianyu will be the most likable pair of Ancient Sword, so I hope that will get her popularity back  and help her secure more roles.

In the half a year since returning to Hengdian back, Zheng Shuang has starred in more dramas than she has been in the past five years.

“If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it”

26 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang’s back! (and single)

  1. I will only love my little fairy??(Zheng Shuang)
    Right now I have heard u r dating with Guli Nazha and even planning to get married … A man should always keep his word

  2. “Happiness should be fought for by yourself. You can’t just get it by waiting at home for someone else,” said Zheng Shuang. “I think that both girls and boys should have their own career.”

    That really gets to me. I’m glad she finds her independence and confidence back. Life is not all about love, and not all about work. There’s a balance!

  3. So far, dramas that Zheng Shuang admitted to having turned down in her time of not filming:
    New My Fair Princess/HZGG (as XYZ. Apparently she had a big fight with the management team for turning this role down)
    Cloud Song (ZS was my number one choice for this role upon reading the book. She would’ve been perfect.)
    Perfect Couple (I love Tang Yan in this, so I can’t imagine ZS in it, but I imagine it would’ve been really good for her fan-wise as well)

    This girl … so many actresses would have killed for these roles.

    • OMG, those are very high profile dramas. Her management company must be very pissed with her. I dont think Prefect Couple suits her, Tang Yan is prefect for the drama with Wallace.

      • I feel like if these two don’t have a happy ending, I’m going to be so mad at both of them for turning down roles for each other.
        Did you know that Zhang Han turned down Hu Ge’s role in Xuanyuanjian for Phoenix Totem? Although it’s not that great of a role, having Tangren on his side would have been invaluable.

        • I agree, Tangren is good producer. He take care of those he respect. But as a guy, Zhang Han will still be a popular actor. As a woman, turning down good roles will cost more damage to Zhang Shuang. She will get less good lead roles. But she will have good supporting roles. There are more beautiful women actress in China than male actors. Thus the pie for good female leads will be more intense.
          I am interested to watch Zhang Han’s “The Fours” drama. Xuan Yuan Jian may not be one of Tangren’s best drama but it is must better than Phoenix Totem. Saying that, I am not certain Zhang Han looks good in period drama but he has suitable for modern drams.

          • Luckily, even if she never get back together with him, her time with Zhang Han was not wasted because at least she got Huanrui connection. The workshop that most recently produced The Four and Ancient Sword has confirmed her as the lead for their next series set for September. The male lead (Pubajia) isn’t that great, though, but hopefully like the previous two, there’ll be plenty of good supporting leads. A Unfortunately, it means she’s out for Tonghua’s next drama, which also begins filming in September.

            Her face is still kind of awkward in the trailer for The Cage of Love, and it looks like side effects of 瘦脸针, but based on more recent photos, it looks like she’s recovered ? Googling tells me that it takes about half a year for all the effects to be gone (which should be now~ish) , so hopefully if she’s figured out she’s much cuter the way she is, she’ll be a more natural actress in the next few dramas…

    • I can’t believe she did that. Those roles are so good! Seriously, it seems like she wasted her best years for Zhang Han but in the end they broke up :(

  4. Liu Tao’s interview on the day of the announcement, not sure if it’s before or after Zheng Shuang’s statement.
    “Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang, I think they should just be together. I’ve encouraged them, that you’re both good kids who has given so much for each other, so don’t let each other down and be happy together. In my heart, I think they belong together.

    I think she knows both pretty well since she went to Zheng Shuang’s restaurant opening last weekend and obviously knows Zhang Han from Divas on the Road. She and Zheng Shuang are both currently filming in Hengdian.

    • I dont think Zheng Shuang will be so stupid to lie about the breakup in public. The backlash from that will be great. If they do reconcile great. But currently, time apart is good for her too.

      • Truthfully, i feel like they’ll become the next jelena…(continuously breaking up and getting back together) because theyre in love yet…they hurt each other when theyre together

  5. I’m sad and happy at the same time. Sad that such a cute couple broke up, but really happy that Zheng Shuang is finally back in action. It was disappointing that she missed so many opportunities to make it big (especially after Painted Mural) and even got plastic surgery when she totally didn’t need to (I still haven’t gotten used to her new face, and think she looked better before) because of Zhang Han, so I guess breaking up is a good thing for her.

    Well it seems like she has grown up because of this, hopefully we’ll see more of her.

  6. Man I’m so sad :( it’s fantastic Zheng Shuang is getting back on track with her acting career and not letting her relationship with Zhang Han rule her life, but does she have to end her relationship with him in order to do so? He managed just fine… :(

  7. I never knew so many people cared about Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang =_= Their breakup hashtag heat is over 400 million. Also, Hawick Lau just had a baby!!! Yet the media totally ignored him in the interview until they were forced to stop questioning Zheng Shuang. They must be the only couple who, after splitting, most of the comments are asking them to get back together.

    • They are both the darlings of China. I think “Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower” is the drama that kick start the China idol drama market, wasn’t it? The couple touched the hearts of lots of Chinese and international with the drama. I hope Zheng Shuang will give herself space first. She needs to concentrate on herself now.
      Whatever happens will happen. I really enjoy watch Zhang Han on “Divas on the road”. He is a solid man, stable and reliable. It is hard to find man like these now. But he really love looking at himself on the camera. It is funny to see how vain he is. He is definitely a “Young Master”, the nick name Peipei gave him.

      • I guess I see too many comments making fun of Meteor Shower all the time since it’s the go-to mainland drama. I feel like even though Zhang Han’s done more dramas, every time he shows up, there’s always a bunch of people making fun of him for MS, whereas somehow people are fond of Zheng Shuang even if they don’t like Meteor Shower. It’s interesting because her other big piece, Painted Mural, was also generally bashed, but everyone loves her in it.

  8. I have a very soft spot for Zheng Shuang. She may not be a very good actress but she is a hard worker. She is really a very simple, honest and straight forward person. I really hope her self confidence will improve and she becomes stronger. She needs to leave the shadow of Zhang Han to learn more about herself. I ship them but I hope she becomes stronger before they reconcile.

    • I feel the same about everything you said. I’m kind of sad to know that she really did stop working during probably her best years to make it to mega stardom because of Zhang Han, but at least she’s back.

      • Me too! I also have a soft spot for her, she seems very down-to-earth, honest for everything and she keeps quite a low-profile without any social website except for one blog which is long deserted. She just seems like a simple girl. I really like both of them but if this push Zheng Shuang to grow as an actress and as a person, so be it. Wishing all the best for both of them.

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