The Princess of Orchid Hills takes the challenge, ups the pretty

I pray… like I have never prayed before… for the release of this drama… or at least a trailer….

While we ooh and ah over the stills of other period dramas (and curse the lack of episodes), The Princess of Lanling 兰陵王妃 has been feeling largely left out on the attention.  Therefore, the show took it upon itself to release quality stills of their more exquisite costumes.  Starring Andy Chen Yi (whose drama Seven Friends just aired on CTV),  Zhang Hanyun, and Peng Guanying, the series hopes to prove that the Prince of Orchid Hills is not out of fashion and still something to moon over, lady-killing since last year.

More stills below the cut.

On a scale of 1 to Johnny Depp, where do you rate me, ladies?

How about now? (Please take into account that it isn’t easy drinking tea like this for you guys all the time.)

OMG… don’t look back… they’re both looking at me… do I have something on my FACE?!? Is it my HAIR?!?  …O…M…G…It’s the hair, isn’t it!?!

OMG!! There he is again!! Just try to look normal but… SERIOUSLY!!  What does he want?!?  Now I’m sure it’s my face that’s the problem.  That maid is SO fired!!

There must not be a problem after all, if he’s hugging me with such a happy smile.

*Sigh* What is with the cost of holding a @#$#-ing banquet these days?!?  Back in the day it was just food but NOW… dancers… musicians… @$$-loads of guests?!? A guy needs to eat you know?!?

*Pft*… Unparalleled Happiness was complaining about ornamental tassels in their face… try an entire @#$#-ing curtain of beaded baubles…

btw… try not to notice the plastic fishing lines holding up said beaded-curtain…

19 thoughts on “The Princess of Orchid Hills takes the challenge, ups the pretty

  1. the female lead look so pretty in the stills but rumours saying she is very arrogant at the set ? and can’t get along with most of the casts ? wonder if is true or not ..anyway still looking forward to it

  2. The 4th picture makes me laugh knowing that Peng Guanying is at least three inches taller than Andy Chen.

    Has anyone seen the new Andy Chen/Fu Xinbo drama? I somehow had in my mind that Andy Chen was not that bad of an actor, but then I watched it and realized that even Fu Xinbo seemed natural compared to him =_=

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