Hua Qian’gu releases scenic stills

Wallace Huo

It’s surprisingly difficult to catch a taxi in lakes.

More pictures of the ultra pretty Hua Qian’gu 花千骨 with Zhao Liying, Wallace Huo,  Jiang Xin, etc.  The photographer should win an award for most timely drama still releases.  Despite the over-use of photoshop that makes all the backgrounds look fake, many of these are actually filmed on location, so hopefully the scenery will look more realistic on TV.

Expect plenty more drama stills in the next few weeks as a part of the Shanghai TV Festival.

Vote: Is this tree fake or real?

You can’t blame her for thinking you’re a girl when you show up with a corsage.

Zhao Liying is on a secret vendetta to prove Yu Zheng wrong for not picking her as Xiao Longnv.

27 and 33, and still rocking teenage roles.

Li Chun reminding you that this is actually a horror movie .

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  1. On the third picture… or when you have such pretty long hair and guy-liner… and such obviously shaped eyebrows… O_O

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